Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Famous designed Pasapali Sari of Odisha and their demand in international market

The PasapaliSari is a very beautiful kind of sari mainly manufactured in the Bargarh district of the state Orissa, India. Here in Odisha, India women very much like to wear sari every day so these are many varieties of saris are available. Pasapali Sari is one of the very unique and attractive design sari produced by skilful handloom weavers of Odisha.

The name of these sari becomes Pasapali is due to the word “pasa”. Pasa is a traditional gambling games played by using Chess board. These saris have intricate check patterns of contrast colours resembling the chess boards. So the sari is called with the name pasapali sari. These saris are very old and popular sari in Odisha.

Famous Pasapali Sari of Odisha
The pasapali sari are hand woven saris and the weavers of these pasapali sari are do very hard work for producing these sari. The weavers use only hand and very simple tools for manufacturing these saris. These are very much demand of these saris in all over the odisha and as well as in all over the India. In very state of the country women very much like the design of the pasapali sari and like to wear this pasaplari sari in special occasions.

The demand of these saris in international market is also very huge. Now days through onlineshopping these are many people in all over the world purchasing these pasapali saris. The online shopping makes available these pasaplari saris in a very easier way in international market. So every where people easily purchase these products and enjoy the beauty of these products.

Online shopping technology also makes available thee products in very less price rather than the market price. Because in online shopping technology these are the online shopping providers buy the products directly from manufactures and after adding a little profit sell to consumer.

So these are some things about the famous designed pasapali sari of Odisha and their demand in international market.


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