Saturday, April 4, 2015

Textile Industry of India and Online Shopping

The Textile Industry:                          
Textile industry plays very important role in our life style. People everywhere in all over the world like to wear good stylish clothes or textile products. These cloths are one of our basic needs for surviving our life in society. So the textile products and the textile industry are very much important for our life style. From 18th Century the textile industry grew out because of the industrial revolution. And because of the evolution of various types of machines, the textile industry grew in a very faster way and still now days also the revolution and invention of new designs and machines are carried out.
From many years this textile provides employment to peoples in all over the globe. Some peoples are working in textile manufacturing plants, some other are providing transport to these textile products from one place to another. Some people are selling these products to consumers. In various ways this textile industry provides employment to peoples in all over the world.
The consumers those purchase these textile products, for them these products are not just a need, they like to wear these products because of the various styles, color and design of the textile products.

Indian Textiles Industry and it's products

Online Shopping:                                                      
Online Shopping concept was developed by English entrepreneur Michael Aldrich in the year 1979. Initially his online shopping system connected a modified domestic TV to a real-time transaction processing computer via a domestic telephone line, through which he provide online shopping service to consumers. 
This onlineshopping technique turned shopping very much easier for consumers, now because of the Online shopping concept consumers or customers don’t need to go to shop for purchasing the products now they can purchase the products from their home by using online shopping technology. So this concept of Michael Aldrich was become very popular in very less time.  And for textile industry this online shopping technique is very much helpful for both manufacturer and consumer. Both manufacturer and consumer get benefits from this concept. Some of the benefits of online shopping are:

1.     Online shopping concept increase availability of products.
2.     Online shopping concept decreases the pries of the products.
3.    Online shopping concept saves the consumers time, money and physical effort.
4.     Online shopping concept is easy for consumers.

So because of these benefits online shopping concept was become very popular in all over the world.

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