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Indian handicrafts and its classifications

India is big country, and these are any peoples of different culture and tradition is leaving together. These are many varieties of arts and crafts are present. Crafts are an integral part for Indian people, despite the rapid social and technological changes that are taking place in all over the globe. In the Western world, special artists create craft objects and they are considered as luxury items. But in India like many other developing countries it is the main source of employment for a vast majority of the population, after agriculture. Indian handicraft manufactures and artist who creating the handicrafts is very much depending upon these crafts for running their life. As this is the income source for these people so they worship their work and give very much respect towards their profession. So the products they create are very good and attractive.

Handicrafts can be defined simply as objects made by hands. The Indian skilled workers made very good and attractive designed products by their hand and which carry a part of the creator as well as centuries of evolutionary tradition.

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Classifications of handicrafts: there are mainly three types of handicrafts

1    1. Folk crafts:  Folk embroideries are a very popular craft in India. It is done by the village women folk of India are a good example. There are craftsmen who are specialized in creating textiles or jewellery which meet the criteria set up by a particular group of people, usually a particular caste or community. This is very unique craft and very much liked by people of India.

2.  2. Religious crafts: In religious crafts we found the influence of religious centers and themes. These craft items are connected with religious institutions and relevant ceremonies. There are various religious places in India are specialized in particular craft items. For example, Varanasi and Kanchipuram in Tamilnadu specialize in weaving clothes for religious ceremonies, particularly silk materials. Similarly Puri in Odisha, which is a big pilgrim center, is connected with crafts like patacharita- a painting on cloth and wood and stone carvings.

3.   3. Commercial crafts: Commercial crafts are even having sub groups, which work for particular groups, and their tools and techniques may vary. The Weavers, the Dyers, the Printers, the Goldsmiths and the Carpenters are some of the commercial craftsmen. The products produced by these are called commercial crafts.

So these are some classifications of Indian handicrafts.

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