Friday, April 17, 2015

Famous Sonepuri Saree or Bomkai Sari of Odisha

In Odisha most of the women like to wear Saree. There are many varieties of Saree are present in Odisha. Some of the famous Saree designs are Sambalpuri Saree,   Sonepuri Saree or Bomkai, Pattachitra Saree etc. 
Sonepuri Saree or Bomkai is produced by the Community known as “Bhulia”. This Bhulia community people are generally found in Subarnapur district of Orissa, India. In particular, the famous Saree designs Bomkai are the traditional design of Bhulia Community. This Saree was produced in the village named Bomkai of Ganjam district of Orissa. During the time of Ramai Dev, it was introduced in Sonepur. After that it was famous in the name Sonepuri Saree. Sonepur handloom sarees, Sonepuri paatas and silk sarees are popular items displayed at various fashion shows and people like these Saree very much.

Handloom Silk Sarees of Odisha available online

Famous Saree designer Padmashri Kailash Chandra Meher was well known person in Western Odisha for his weaving skills in Saree weaving. He was working as an Art Designer in Weaver Service Centre Bhubaneswar, under Development Commissioner Handloom, New Delhi, Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India. He is doing some creative design in textiles. He had developed some old Bomkai designs, which has attracted the market and product being named as Bomkai Saree. This Bomkai Saree is as same design as Sonepuri Saree. So sonepuri Saree are also called bomkai Saree. People in not in odisha but in all over the india and in all over the world like this sonepuri Saree very much.

The “Radhakunja” a kind of Sonepuri Saree was a great attraction in the wedding of Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai. Three Sonepuri Sari were designed by master craftsman Chaturbhuja Meher at Sonepur and supplied to the Bachchans. In the weeding function Aishwarya Rai wear this Sonepuri Saree. 
Now days after the invention of online shopping technology, the demand of this Saree are increases in a faster way.   

So these are some things about the famous Sonepuri Saree of Odisha. 

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