Sunday, April 26, 2015

Famous Saris of Odisha

A sari is a South Asian female garment, this sari is also pronounced as Saree or Shari, it consists of a drape varying from five to nine yards in length and two to four feet in breadth. Mostly in south Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka etc women like to wear sari very much. Odisha is a state of the country India; here also women love to wear different kinds of sari. There are very good designs of sari are available. Some famous categories of sari available in Odisha are: Pata sari, Sambalpuri sari, Pattachitra Sari, Sonepuri sari etc. there are many more are available.  

Sambalpuri  is one place situated in Odisha, here some beautiful sari are woven by skilled Odia weavers. Sambalpuri saris are handloom saris woven coarsely out of silk or cotton in Sambalpur. These Sambalpuri saris have their original style and design known as “Baandha”. This bandha refers to the technique of tying and dyeing of yarns to obtain a fixed design pattern. This Sambalpuri sari design is conceptualized and then the yarns are finely tied according to the desired patterns. So prevent absorption of dyes, and then dyed. The unique feature of this form of designing is the most important reason which makes very popular this sari. That the designs get reflected almost identically on both side of the fabric or consumers in all over the world like these sari very much. 

Famous Sambalpuri Pata Sarees available online

Another important type of sari designed in Odisha is pattachitra sari. This sari are inspired by famous pattachitra painting, in pattachitra sari the designes and paintings are showing the life style of Hindu gods, due to this reason pattachitra saris are very much important for Hindu peoples in all over the world, people from different countries like these saris  and try to collect these every time. After the invention of online shopping technology these peoples who are leaving in outside of India, get these pattachitra saris easily by the help an online shopping site

So these are some important saris available in Odisha. 

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