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Famous Kanchipuram sari of Indian

Sari is a garment or cloth which is very much popular among Indian women. In India women like to wear this sari every day, now day’s women wearing different cloths or dress but still in the time of functions and festivals sari is the first choice of Indian women. In all over the India there are many varieties of sari are present, some of the special sari are: Pochampally sari, Kanchipuram sari, Assam sari, Sambalpuri sari, pattachitra sari etc.

Kanchipuram sari: Kanchipuram sari is very much famous kind of sari in India. Basically these kanchipuram saris are made in traditionally by weavers of Kanchipuram, which is located in Tamil Nadu, India. Women of Tamil Nadu love to wear this kanchipuram sari, not only in Tamil Nadu or not only in India. These kanchipuram saris are very much popular among women of all over the globe. The design of this kanchipuram sari and colour patron are very much eye catching so every where women like this sari and wear it in different occasions. 

Beautiful Kanchipuram Sari
The kanchipuram saris are woven naturally by skilful weavers Kanchipuram. These saris are distinguished by their wide contrast borders. The Kanchipuram saris are also famous for temple borders, checks, stripes and floral traditional designs.  Some famous designs are suns, moons, chariots, peacocks, parrots, swans, lions, coins, mangoes, leaves these designs are woven into Kanchipuram saris and gives it a very eye catching look. Other designs or themes include a jasmine bud within a square or a round frame, locally known as mallinaggu. Another is Thandavalam where parallel lines run across the body of the Sari; these are very popular among women in all over the Tamil Nadu.
The Kanchipuram saris are made by pure mulberry silk. The place kanchipuram is also known as ‘silk city’. Three shuttles are used to weave a Kanchipuram sari. While the weaver works on the right side, his aide works on the left side shuttle. The border colour and design are usually quite different from the body of the sari. If the pallu (the hanging end of the sari) is first separately woven and then delicately joined to the Sari. The part where the body meets the pallu is often denoted by a zig zag line which gives a very impressive look to the sari.

In a genuine Kanchipuram Silk Sari, body and border are woven separately and then interlocked together.

So these are some gossip about the famous Kanchipuram sari of India. 

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