Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Famous Dhakai Sari of Dhaka

Sari is a very popular female garment in all over the South Asian Countries.  Mostly the south Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka etc countries the first choice of women are sari. Here in these countries saris are very much popular, so many people are doing manufacturing of the sari and other female and male garments. In some arias there are some special kind of sari are produced by the hands of some very skilled full workers or by simple tools, these people are called handloom weavers and the products produced by them are called handloom products.
Years ago the country India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are not separated they are parts of a big country “India”. In the year 1947 this country splits out in to two country India and Pakistan. After some years Bangladesh separates from Pakistan. But in old days these three countries are parts of a big nation, so the culture and traditions of the people leaving in these countries are similar with each others. In all three countries women like to wear beautiful saris.

Dhakai Jamdani Saree of Bangladesh
The famous Dhakai sari is named after the Dhaka city (situated in Bangladesh) this Dhaka city is also the capital of Bangladesh. We can say the famous dhakai sari is a traditional cloth for women in all over the South Asia. This dhakai sari basically made with cotton, so it is very comfortable for wearing and it’s also beautifully designed so very much liked by women. Initially the manufacturing of the dhakai sari are started at Dhaka, Bangladesh, but later on after the huge amount of demand of these saris, the weavers of west Bengal, India are started manufacturing the saris. 
We can say that the dhaki sari is of most exquisite cotton saris in India. These are originated in Dhaka, Bangladesh. But now, the zamdani works of the sheer cotton saris are done in West Bengal. Now days the popularity of these dhakai sari are increases in all over the world, women like to wear these saris different occasions and festivals. And due to online shopping technology, now every where people get their liked products easily, so in all over the world women use this online shopping technology to get their favourite dhakai sari.          

So these are some discussion about dhaikai saris of Dhaka. 

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