Saturday, April 18, 2015

Arts and Crafts Exporters of India

All of we known that India is a country of arts and artists. There are art forms and handicraft present from ancient days. Indian people like their art and culture very much and always try to maintain their culture. The handloom weavers and handicraft makes still doing very hard work for maintaining their culture of manufacturing handloom and handicraft products in traditional way. The traditional procedure or process of manufacturing the handloom and handicraft products are very difficult and tiring process. And also this process is very lengthy. So the handloom weavers and handicraft artist are not get enough pries for their work. Because these artists are leaving in the villages far away from cities and in local market people don’t prefer to spend much more money for handloom and handicraft products. In small cities people just purchase products to satisfy their need, so this small cities are not suitable for these handloom weavers and for handicraft works and another thing is these workers cont sell their products in big cities or outer countries by their own. Because they are not so much aware about this thing, so it is a big problem for handloom weavers and handicraft artist.
Handcrafted Patachitra Sarees Export

There are some people trying to solve these problems of weavers and handicraft artist by helping them in selling their products, these people purchase these products from these people in their village and bring these products to big cities and sell them also sending to outside of the country, these people are called handloom and handicraft product exporters of India. By this exporting of handloom and handicraft products both handloom weavers, handicraft artist and theses exports are getting benefits. These exporters purchasing products from handloom weavers and handicraft artist on that pries after adding some profit they sell those products, do both side people getting benefits from this exporting services.
Now in current scenario due to the evaluation of online shopping technology the work of these exporters becomes very easier now they don’t need to export plenty of products to different countries shoppers and they also don’t need to wait until their products are purchased by customers. Now they only create their online shopping sites and make stock of all the products with them, when they get order from customer then they send the product through courier services. So by this way their profit increases and risk decreases. Due to which now days more people paying interest on doing this exporting business.
Now days these are many Indian peoples and shopping sites are present in all over the Odisha. One of the famous online shopping sites is Odisha Saree Store where, these people promoting the traditional Odia Saris like sanbalpuri Saree, Pattachitra Saree, Sonepuri Saree etc famous Saris. Through their site they increase the popularity of these famous Odia Saris. So we can say them Odisha’s fastest growing online shopping site or handloom and handicraft exporters.
So these are some discussion about the handloom products and handicraft products exports of India. 

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