Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Top 10 Hindu Festivals Celebrate by Indian people.

India is a land of several festivals and these festivals are the heart of Indians people.India is full of tradition, culture either it is religion, food or language.There are most important festivals which celebrate by Indian's people.

Onam is a 10 day festival celebrate by South Indian people.Onam always remember the return of King Mahabali and it remembers the tradition and culture of kerela. Every house was decorate with flowers and light and wear the new Traditional Silk sarees.

2.Sri Ram Navami:
According to Hindu calender Ram Navami falls on the 9th day of chaitra month. On that day Lord Rama birthday is celebrated. Devotees read the Ramayana and sing the bhajans and read the hanuman chalisha.

3.Maha Shivratri:
Maha Shivratri means the "great Night of Lord Shiva". According to Hindu calender every year it falls in 14th day of Krishna pakshya chaturdarshi of magha month.Most of hindu women wear new clothes and take fast whole day. Due to mythological Lord Shiva and mother parvati were married on this special day.

4.Krishna Janmastami:
Krishna Janmastami is the celebration of Lord Krishna birth. Every year it always falls on 8th day of krishna paksha in the bhadraba month. On this special day people observe fast and prepare some milk products and offer to Lord Krishna. On that day temples are decorated with flowers for festivals and prayers go to the midnight.

5. Makar Sankrati:
Makar Sankrati is celebrated on 14th january every year. Makar sankrati is the harvest festival and welcomes to the spring season.In that day people take the til ladoos and play with kite flying.

6.Ganesh Chaturthi:
Ganesh Chaturthi is known as Siddhi Vinayaka Chaturthi which is the birth of Lord Ganesha.This festival is celebrated from 4th to 14th day of fortnight of bhadraba(August- september).This festival is celebrated for 3 to 11 days and then immersed in the huge water.On that day people prepare a sweet dish called "Modak" offered to Lord Ganesha.

7. Raksha Bandhan:
Raksha Bandhan symbolize the great love of brother and sister.It is celebrated on the full moon day of shravan. On that day sister tie a holy thread on brother hand and brother promise to protect his sister always. Sister also take the return gift from his brother.

8. Navratri:
Durga Puja is celebrated all over India for Nine days. Every year it falls on Aswin Month. The first nine days celebrate to godess Durga and the tenth day is called dashami or dusshera. During the Navratri women's observe the fast for nine days and wear the new traditional silk sarees or lehenga choli.

Holi is the festivals of color.The festival is celebrated in the phalguna month. on that day people prepare mouthwatering dish and go place to place for enjoy the festivals.

Diwali is the great festivals in India.It is also called "Festivals of Light".Due to mythological On diwali day Lord Rama returns to Ayodha with Goddess Sita and Brother Laxman from exile. Ayodha basi welcomes to Lord Rama by lighting small diyas all over their house.

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