Thursday, July 16, 2015

Worldwide Traditional Attires

These are different cultures and traditions are present in all over the globe and we all love our cultures and traditions. Over the globe in different geographic locations the language, life style, clothing style, food, religions of people are different from each other.

Mainly people love their traditional attires very much. Lest discuss about some beautiful traditional attires of all over the world.

Russia or Russian Federation is the largest country in the world by area. The national dress of the Yakuts, Russia is a branch of Turkic people living in the Republic of Sakha. Beautiful elaborate embroidery of this traditional attire is the main feature and bead decorations. This traditional dress is preferred to worn during celebrations and weddings ceremonies.  

China is the biggest country by population; here in this country thousands of different varieties of cloths are present. A traditional Miao cloth is one of the very popular ethnic cloths of Miao, china.  Woman is traditionally dressed in a blouse with wide collars worn over a pleated skirt. The skirt, it is said, has as many as 30 to 40 layers. This cloth is very beautiful in design and colour.

Saree is the main fashion cloth of Indian women

Africa is the second-largest and second-most-populous continent in world. Maasai community, Zulu community and many more communities are present in Africa. The tribal clothings of these communities are very famous. The beaded ornaments are the most prominent parts of a Maasai woman’s dress. Beaded neck pieces and handmade hats are an integral part of Zulu women's attires.

United States is the most powerful country in current scenario. The people of this country very much love their country and traditions. Seminole community are a Native American tribe, the traditional attire of woman's of this tribe is floor-length skirt paired with a long sleeved blouse, attached with a cape and the dress is accessorized with glass bead necklaces. Here men's traditional wear consists of a long shirt with flourish work and a headgear made from plaid wool shawls. These cloths are still famous among peoples of America.

 Indonesia is a sovereign state in Southeast Asia. Bulang is the traditional attire of this country. Mainly Balinese women's of Indonesia use this costume. This costume consists of a fifteen-feet-long cloth wrapped around the upper body and silk overlaid with gold leaf cloth. The women normally wear ornamental crowns decorated with flowers with this traditional attire.

India is a county having a rich tradition and culture. People of India are very much religious. Indian people like good cloths so in different parts of this country many different types of good designed cloths are available. Kashmir, Gujarat, Odisha, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Assam etc states of the country India are having their own traditional handloom designs and unique styles.

Sari is the most popular ethnic cloth for women in India and Dhoti is the traditional men’s garment. Apart from that salwar kameez, Legenga, Kurti, Ghagra Choli etc ladies cloths are very famous in India.

Poland, Polish women like, Lace-up boots, red bead necklaces, floral skirts, embroidered and beaded vests are some of the common styles prevalent. Traditionally men wear of Poland is blue waistcoats with tassels and "krakuska" caps.

Iran, Iran is one of the world's oldest civilizations. The traditional attires of Iran is very much liked by peoples of  Iran, after the 1979 revolution women are strictly bound to wear loose-fitting clothes, or "hijab," with scarves or veils. "Chador," a full-length semi-circular fabric, has also become an integral part of Iranian women's dressing style. The traditional designs of very beautiful motifs on cloths are very much liked by Iran’s peoples.

Turkey, The peoples of Turkey like lots of embroidery on their cloths and tailoring work. A typical traditional Turkish dress includes coats, trousers, headgear and layering, these things makes a cloth very beautiful.

Afghanistan, Afghan people very much like their traditional cloths; Afghan woman’s dress consists of three parts: "firaq, partug, chador. Upper garment reaching to the ankles is called Firaq. Baggy-style lower garment that is tied around the waist is called partug and chador is the headscarf used by Afghanistan’s women.

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