Sunday, July 12, 2015

Top 9 Hotels to stay in Puri during Nabakalebar and rathayatra 2015

2015 Ratha Yatra fall on the month of July, in this year it is special because Nabakalebar of our lord fall this year. To celebrate this people of around the world already started their journey and expect to fill in here in puri. 

For your stay we can help you to select some hotels in puri. Here is below list which contents some of them.

  1. Puri Hotel
  2. Mayfair 
  3. Sonar
  4. Coco Palm resort
  5. Holiday Resort
  6. Victoria Club
  7. Hotel Rukmini
  8. Chanakya International
  9. Blue Lily
Puri Hotel, Puri Sea Beach, Odisha

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