Sunday, July 12, 2015

11 Famous Saree Draping Styles in India

Saree is one of the top cloth which mostly used in India by women. All state of india has different type and style of clothes for both men and women. 

From these states we have selected few mostly used styles for you which you can adopt and drape in at your home or office or any functions.

Odissi Dancers performing by draping odisha handloom sarees for a  world record at Kalinga stadium, Bhubaneswar

Different Styles of wearing saris:

  • Karnataka Bhootheyara
  • Goa Dhangad
  • Gujarat Parsi
  • Madhya Pradesh Balaghat
  • Central Chhattisgarh Style
  • Uttar Pradesh Seedha Pallu
  • Bihar Purnia
  • Jharkhand Santhal Pargana
  • West Bengal Nadia
  • Orissa Kotapad
  • Andhra Pradesh Boggili Posi

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