Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Nayak Patana - Blind Review for Art and craft in Puri District of Odisha

Nayak Patana is a famous village in odisha which is known for patochitras. If you ever visited puri beach in odisha, then you missed it. Do not do it next time, this famous village which named on famous artist Guruji Maga Nayak and just 15 KM from district head quarter.

Do not go with the poor look of the village, the artist here are heart touching and can make a piece of great art from simple palm leaves.

During our visit we lean that these artist family are so humble, they welcome us to their work places and show us their master pieces and even some of the upcoming patachitras.

There are 165 families leaving and apart from making patachitras, they engage themself in stone carving, wood art, paper macs, cow dong toys, lampshade and pana baraja.

Villages do all these art on day time and enjoy learning gotipua dance, krishna's rasa dance on mandaps at night with all groups. Very few person from their go for job to outside their village as most of them are not high educated, now some of the students started studying well and taking interest to join lucrative corporate life in metro cities. i do not know which life lead to happiness. 

Some of the known artist from this area are Maga Nayak, Maguni Das, Kalucharan Mohapatra and many more. Maguni das was awarded padmashree which bring glory for all odia.

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