Thursday, August 10, 2017

Sonam Kapoor sari draping styles gives an unique look

One of the various saree draping styles that you see wearing Sonam Kapoor quite often is a buttoned up jacket embellished blouse. In fact, a lot of fashion experts say that this is the best looking ensemble that they can think of. It also goes without saying that she looks absolutely stunning in such an ensemble. This is a layered look that she goes for when she drapes her saree like that and for that she normally dons a high neck buttoned blouse that matches the saree that she is wearing.

The jackets that she wears are shimmering and embellished as well and it goes without saying that they look just amazing on her. The hairstyle to go with this also reflects her impeccable fashion sense since it is not only off her face but her dress as well. This means that all the attention is on her new dress only.

Double pallu
This is an interesting new style as well. It is rare to see anyone else rock the double pallu the way that she does. She does this by draping two sarees of a similar shade in a seamless manner and this is something that you can do as well. You can also follow the other technique that she uses in these cases. You can add a dupatta that is a similar hue – it can be in a contrasting hue as well – on the other shoulder and get this look if you want to. 

Sonam Kapoor's Saree Draping Style
Sheer cape blouse
As far as the look comprising a saree and a sheer nude cape is concerned Sonam Kapoor has nailed it time and again without fail. The entire outfit gets layers thanks to the cape blouse. The embellished blouse also matches the saree’s border and is covered by a sheer cape. In these cases, Sonam Kapoor makes sure that she wears the least possible make up. She also wears traditional jewellery such as choker necklaces as well as clutches that match this particular look. When she drapes her saree this way she normally leaves her hair open but takes care to pull it away from her face. This makes sure that everyone is focusing only on what she is wearing, which is what she would want for sure.

Saree inspired by ruffle dress
This saree that clearly draws inspiration from a ruffle dress is a piece of clothing that only a true fashionista such as Sonam Kapoor wear in public. The outfit gets an edgy look from the sheer laser cut blouse. In these cases she drapes her saree in a way that is quite interesting to say the least. She does not drape the saree over her shoulder. This leaves the blouse open for anyone and everyone to see. In these cases, she also pulls her hair back in what can be called a sleek style. She also wears long and dangling earrings in order to accessorize the look.

Dhoti saree
It is Sonam Kapoor who can be credited for making this style of saree draping a popular one. It is something that no one should forget – it also needs to be remembered that she has inspired plenty of women to go for this style as well. After she wore this saree internet has been flooded with videos that have shown step by step how to wear a saree in this particular style. There are many occasions when she has worn a saree in this way and that too in a chic style. You should go ahead and give it a try as well. Apart from this you can try other styles like molten wire saree and chiffon saree with body jewellery. 

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