Saturday, August 5, 2017

5 easy tips to wear your handloom salwar dupatta

As far as Indian women are concerned dupatta happens to be an integral part of their dress arsenal. If you are a woman living in India and do not have a dupatta in your wardrobe you can jolly well consider it to be an incomplete one. Dupatta itself happens to be a versatile piece of clothing, and can and does go well with almost everything that you wear. It can make just about any outfit look like a complete one. However, it happens to be a flowy piece of clothing as well and there are times in our lives when handling it becomes quite a responsibility. This is why you need to know some ways in which you can wear it without much problem whatsoever.

Using it as a stole
One of the five ways in which you can wear your handloom salwar dupatta is as a stole. When you drape your dupatta like this you get a look that is modest and stylish at the same time. The best part of all this is that you do not need to worry about it anymore – there are no concerns regarding adjustment that need to be addressed in this case. If you want a style that is sophisticated, and yet carefree, then this is what you should be doing.

Wearing it in choker style
The choker style of wearing the dupatta is highly popular among the younger women. Once again, this style happens to be quite hassle-free as well and yet it adds oodles of grace to the dress that you are wearing. 
Hand woven Dupatta for your ethnic style
The flowy style
This style allows you to show off your dupatta. All you need to do is let it flow on any one side or both the arms if that is how you wish to do it. It is best to pair this style with formal and semi formal anarkali and salwar suits. If your dupatta is a gorgeous one and you wish to show it off then this is the style that you should be going for.

Draping it on your arms
There is no law anywhere in this world that says that you cannot drape your dupatta anywhere else but the neck. When you drape your dupatta on your arm you give it a graceful touch. At the same time it gives you the freedom to experiment with a variety of styles that go very well with the main outfit. If you wish that your outfit be the main centre of attraction – the cynosure of all eyes – then you should definitely go for this style.

Belting it up
If you wish your desi outfit to have an edgy look about it then you can do far worse than belting up your dupatta. For starters, it makes sure that you do not experience any problem whatsoever and also imparts a contemporary feel to proceedings. If you wish to be really bold with your salwar dupatta you can add a chic belt to it and it will definitely rev up your whole look. 

Apart from these there are other ways in which you can wear your handloom salwar dupatta:
  • as ghoonghat or head cover
  • side head cover
  • single shoulder and arm carry
  • double layered drape
  • front fall
  • shawl style drape
  • around your neck
  • low dip head drape
  • pinned on your waist
  • front all covered
  • pinned on your shoulder
  • deep neck drape
  • single shoulder fall
  • centre veil
  • shoulder knot
  • double dupatta drape
  • full back fall
  • cape style
  • diagonal fall
  • side loop
  • full wrapped up

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