Monday, July 3, 2017

How to make Papier Mache Crafts for your Home Decoration?

One of the greatest ways in which you can decorate your home is by making some items from papier mache. At the same time it also helps that these are very economical. Papier mache is also known as paper mache. Papier mache is basically a French word. Papier mache work is normally created from newspaper strips after soaking them in adhesives. You can make this adhesive from raw materials such as flour and water. You can also add glues such as Elmer’s Glue to the mix. Crafters often use balloons in order to make these pieces. They normally plaster the balloon with newspaper strips in order to create the shape that they desire.

The most popular options

No matter what you wish to do there are certain types that are always more popular than others. They may be enumerated as below:
  •        Papier mache planter
  •        Papier mache party lights
  •        Papier mache bowls
  •        Papier mache boxes
  •        Papier mache vases
  •        Papier mache teacups
  •        Papier mache letters

You could always be sure that they would add a lot to your home décor in general and at the same time it would be great fun to make them as well.

Papier Mache Crafts for your Home Decoration
Papier mache planter

You can be sure that the planter would not cost you a dime and at the same time you would be able to fill your home with so many flowers or even create your own garden of herbs if you want to. This planter would come in handy in case you have already invested in some seeds. Now all you need in order to make this planter is a yogurt container that is empty, newspapers, some water, and flour. The water and flour will help you make the paste to be used for creating the papier mache craft. With it you would be able to show that you care for the environment without spending much money and you can be sure that your kids will like it as well.

Papier mache party lights

Papier mache party lights can be cute additions to your home décor on occasions such as a party with your friends in your backyard. Once again, this would not cost you much. You can make them blowing up water balloons and then coating them with papier mache strips. Once it becomes dry you can just pop it and leave the shell as it is. This would create the party lights that you have been looking for. After this you can hang up a series of Christmas lights and then fasten the papier mache bulbs to the wires. When the lights twinkle inside you would have the lights that you wanted!

Papier mache bowls

A papier mache bowl can be the centerpiece to die for in your dining room or even serve as a place where you keep your keys. In order to create the bowl you can use a plastic bowl as the mould. It does not really matter what size it is. Then you can dip the papier mache in the paste and coat the bowl with the strips. Once that is done you can easily remove the plastic bowl and you would get the papier mache bowl to decorate your home. You can easily use pages from old books. They would look really good and give your bowl an awesome look as well.

Mention also needs to be made in this case of papier mache boxes. These are great option as far as storing stray belongings in your home is concerned. This could include anything from photos to CDs. You can easily make these at your home.       

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