Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Why handloom sarees are always famous among the Sri Lankan women?

If you ever ask a Sri Lankan woman regarding her experience with a saree, also dubbed as the six yards of elegance, you would see her face lighting up just like it happens when Sun starts to rise from the east. They are joyous and excited at the very mention of the word saree. In fact, you would plenty of women in this South Asian island country who go to their workplaces on a regular basis wearing sarees. These women have been fond of sarees since a rather young age and that affinity has stayed forever. A lot of these women love sarees that make them feel at ease.

Preference for handloom sarees

This is the reason they like handloom sarees so much. These sarees make them feel comfortable like nothing else. In fact, if you take a good look around you, you would see that most women in Sri Lanka love wearing handloom sarees. When it comes to sarees the tastes and preferences of Sri Lankan women tend to vary a lot. In any case, saree happens to be the most favourite dress of women in Sri Lanka. However, there are plenty of communities over here and all of them have their unique ways of wearing it.

Femininity and grace

One of the main reasons for wearing a saree is to look feminine and graceful and this is why Sri Lankan women prefer wearing this six yard dress to such an extent. Not only does a saree bring out the best in a lady, it adds plenty of glamour as well. Wearing a saree gives a lady a separate and independent identity. This is the reason why saree is so popular in Sri Lanka as well as other countries in South Asia like India and Bangladesh. In Sri Lanka, there is also another major reason for wearing these garments.

Handloom Saree Love among the Sri Lankan Women

As has been stated already, in most cases it can be seen that women in Sri Lanka like to wear sarees since they are habituated with it. At times, it is also seen that their workplaces do not allow them to wear anything but sarees. They also prefer to wear sarees on special occasions such as weddings. Fashion is something that will always keep changing. However, saree is one thing that has always remained a constant in the life of a Sri Lankan woman. Sarees in Sri Lanka have evolved with time.

Evolution of the saree

The fabrics, colours, and patterns of sarees in Sri Lanka have changed over the years. This revolution in the domain of fashion has also meant that age old techniques such as weaving, designing, and printing have undergone major changes. The beauty of a handwoven saree is that it is classy to say the very least and speaks oodles about your personality. Its main weapons in this case are its design and quality. This is in fact how the handloom industry has been prospering in Sri Lanka. The industry here in fact is in a developing stage.

More on handloom industry in Sri Lanka

There are plenty of women who love sarees in Sri Lanka and all their tastes are quite different from each other. The credit of Sri Lanka’s handloom industry lies in the fact that it has been able to cater to their varied tastes and preferences with a significant amount of success. The way the artists of this industry weave together with the woof and the warp has continued to amaze people for centuries and is expected to do in the days ahead as well. The industry itself has continued to grow in a diverse manner.

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