Thursday, May 25, 2017

Anushka Shetty Looked as Princess Devasena in Baahubali 2 by wearing various types of Traditional wear

When Baahubali was released in 2015, it took the nation by storm with its excellent special effects, storyline, acting, sets and costumes. With the Baahubali 2: The Conclusion, the movie series has gone where no other Indian production has ever done before. The grandeur of the various war scenes, high precision of the different sequences as well as the costumes of royal fashion has made a distinct impression on all moviegoers. The look of Princess Devasena has been a hot topic of discussion among fashion aficionados and it has set a major trend on how royal fashion should ideally look like.

Traditionally, when we think of an Indian princess or a lady from a royal family, we tend to think in the lines of clothes that do offer elegance and beauty but are also quite rigid and difficult to move in. However, in Baahubali, we see Anushka dress up as a princess without losing her natural flexibility and spiritedness. She has taken the concept of saree dressing simply to a completely new level. Her clothing was filled with traces of rich handloom fabrics as well as silk such as Paithani and Banarasi weaves. Even though the sarees are quite rich in their texture they have a serene beautiful fall that serves as a dream drape. Stylists who were responsible for creating the look of Princess Devasena made use of contrasting combinations which has helped in bringing out the overall richness in the blouses and sarees that were chosen for her.

Anushka Shetty as Princess Devasena in Baahubali 2 
Prashanti Tipirneni was the dress designer for Anushka Shetty in Baahubali. She and her team took special care to pay utmost focus to each and every detail while creating the costumes of Princess Devasena. The young princess Devasena is seen in drapes and sarees of notably vivid hues that expresses the carefree spirit that is associated with younger age. The colors have been chosen with individual care so that they easily stand out from backgrounds. Each of the sarees that have been worn by Princess Devasena is a fabric of 12 yards that has been exclusively woven to set to drape. Each and every look that has been sported by Princess Devasena has been very carefully curated. The blue saree along with heavy jewelry used in the sequence when she goes with Baahubali has attained widespread popularity among women of this country. It clearly depicts the fabulous richness of the kingdom that she is coming from.

Another distinct element of the ensemble look of Princess Devasena was definitely her jewelry. The pieces of jewelry that were used in this movie for Princess Devasena were carefully chosen to give additional depth and resonance to the character. Since Devasena is a crown princess, she has been given the best feminine looking jewelry that would be in line with what any young girl would naturally want her pieces of jewelry to be. In each and every sequence, her jewelry plays a special part to determine her looks and social position.

While in the festive scenes we can see her in grand jewelry, in the hunting scenes she can be in rather simple jewelry. Compared to the stones, yellow gold has been used with more generosity. This is done to emphasize that in the southern parts of India, yellow gold is more readily preferred than polki and kundan which is used extensively in the north. More than 1500 pieces of jewelry were made exclusively for this movie. Some of these jewelry items include arm bands, waist bands, heavy neck pieces, toe rings, dangler earrings and jhumkis. Different jewelry pieces had unique functional aspects of their own.

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