Wednesday, May 17, 2017

8 things to not do when you wear a Handloom Saree

The first thing that you should never do when you wear a saree is tie it excessively low or excessively high. So, before you wear your saree you should definitely take a look at the mirror. You should have a clear idea as to where your petticoat should sit. You should focus on this irrespective of whether you are doing it yourself or getting it done by someone else. If you wear it too high then you would end up looking funny.

Not pinning it the right way
This is the second mistake that people make when they wear a handloom saree. You should never over-pin your saree as that will leave holes in same and if you do not pin it then it might even fall away just like that. The position of pin is very important. You should always secure the pallu and pleats of your saree with a pin.

Wearing too many accessories
When you are wearing a saree you need not wear all the jewellery that you call your own. In any case, a saree looks graceful. This means that there is no unwritten law that you would have to wear ornaments with it as well. This is applicable even if you are wearing a simple saree. Your jewellery should be in accordance with the embellishments that are there on your saree.

Mismatching the petticoat
You should always get the colour of the petticoat right. If your saree is a white one your petticoat must not be a pink one. You can be sure that if your wear the wrong-coloured petticoat your look shall be ruined for sure. It is very important that you get it absolutely right. It would make the whole thing look right and you will come off as a winner for sure.

Bollywood celebrities with Indian handloom sarees
Making a mistake with the blouse
Your saree is completed by the blouse. You may wish to follow trends popularized by celebrities such as Deepika Padukone but make sure that your blouse has been stitched properly in the first place. However, you also need to be sure of the fact that your tailor is confident of stitching such a piece for you. You should also be sure that the style of blouse will suit you.

Getting the length of the pallu right
Your pallu should be of the right length – not too short neither too long. You can be sure that both would look equally bad and you will not at all be comfortable with either one. If you do not wish this to happen then you should pre-pleat your saree before you start draping it. This way, you will have a proper idea of the length that your pallu needs to be.

Do not go for total colour coordination
There was a time when our heroines such as Sridevi wore everything in the same colour – their hot chiffon sarees, blouse, bangle, and eye makeup. Just like the respected actor of yesteryears this trend has now become antiquated and should strictly be avoided at all costs. Colour blocking has become the trend now. You can be sure that you would look dull if you wore red on red.

Mistakes in wearing footwear
Quite often it so happens that after wearing your sarees you remember that you may have to wear heels with them. This mistake is quite silly and it could have some serious ramifications as well. In case of sarees always wear the shoes first and then wear the clothes. Otherwise you could end up making a mistake with the length of the drapes.

You should also get your draping style right and pick the right fabric.   

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