Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Perfect Traditional Ikat Sarees to Rock this Maha Visubha Pana Sankranti

Ikat sarees used to be a prevalent fabric and pattern of Tamil Nadu but with time it gained prominence in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and Odisha. In each of the state they are known locally. Though not much is known about this textile art form from our ancient history but from cave fresco of Maharashtra, scholars have agreed on the fact that Ikat has existed in 7th century CE, thus has a long history. In Odisha, villages located in Balasore and Mayurbhanj districts are dedicated to this tie-and-dye technique and weaving pattern. So, Ikat is one of the most popular forms of saree in Odisha and can be the most apt wear for Maha Vishubha Pana Sankranti. This is the New Year day festival, which falls on 14 April, observed by the Hindus and Buddhists in Odisha.
  1. Since this is a holy occasion, try yellow maroon silk Ikat. It is perfect for the morning, especially if you are doing Puja or attending one. Many shops start their balance sheet from this day and throw party in the evening. You can easily steal the show with the elegant looking bright yellow silk saree with gorgeous maroon border and pallu. The golden zari work adds zing to the overall saree. When you team it with right jewelry, kohl painted eyes and a maroon or red bindi, your look will be complete.
  2. When it is a homely affair where no outsiders are coming, but since it is a special day, you are entitled to look special. Go for the traditional black and maroon cotton Sambalpuri Ikat Pasapally saree. It will be easy to manage your cotton saree when you are the one responsible for puja and everything special taking place in home. You don’t have to be conscious of the saree getting soiled which is so usual when you are wearing silk saree. 
  3. This Maha Visubha Pana Sankranti, try white Sambalpuri Ikat cotton saree with red or orange border and pallu. In such sarees, usually there are few vertical or horizontal stripes. This way you can be traditional yet contemporary, simple yet stylish. Team it with some junk jewelry and lac bangles. You can go a step ahead with decorating your hair with red or white orchids. White saree will also beat the excessive Odisha heat. It will be a perfect traditional Ikat saree for the perfect occasion.
  4. Often huge parties are thrown on this auspicious occasion. For such events, the pink traditional Sambalpuri Ikat silk saree with Pasapally and Ikat work in the body and Rudraksh dooby in border serves the purpose best. This is in mulberry silk. Truly, it will be an expensive saree, but once you drape it, you will feel that every paisa spent on the saree is worth it.
  5. The jet black body with traditional Ikat work in grey and maroon pallu and border with Rudraksh and temple motifs is perfect wear for a casual get together at the evening on the auspicious occasion of Maha Vishubha Pana Sankranti. You can wear it for day occasion too, but in the scorching heat, the black saree may make you feel uncomfortable. 
The above mentioned Sambalpuri Ikat sarees are exclusive ones. They are the children of this soil and thus have a great reverence among the people of Odisha. Whether you are from this state or not, but if you want to be one of them, drape one Ikat saree and attend puja or party organized for Maha Vishubha Pana Sankranti. You will not only rock the event but also become a part of them without making any extra effort. 

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