Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Must have handloom cotton sarees to welcome summer

The winter season has left us and summer is supposed to come in soon after Holi. The time is right to think what we are going to wear in the spring and summer seasons. The planning needs to be done primarily keeping in mind the summer season since it is the one season that will last the longest. As far as women are concerned, cotton sarees are going to play a major role in this regard. The beauty of these sarees is that they can be worn to work as well as on special and festive occasions. There are plenty of options that you have in this regard.

As far as cotton sarees are concerned Bengal cotton sits right there at the top. They happen to be the prettiest members of their fraternity. These sarees can be differentiated from others of their ilk by virtue of the way in which they are weaved. Their patterns are also another key component in their unique appeal. These sarees are ones that should be in your collection. These sarees are available in different colors but pink, check, and white are the most preferred options.

Chettinad Cotton
Chettinad Cotton is one of the most popular forms of cotton sarees that you will see in southern India. Compared to other cotton sarees these are a little bit heavier. You would see them normally in grounded and earthy colors. They are colored using dyes prepared from vegetable extracts. For a simple function you can easily team them up with beaded necklaces as well as jhumkas that are light enough by your standard.

Mangalgiri Cotton
These beautiful sarees come from Andhra Pradesh and are basically synonymous with the said province. These are basically starched cotton sarees and the shine on their borders, as well as their gleam, are second to none. The way in which these sarees are weaved is different as well. They originate in a town named Mangalgiri, located in the Guntur district.

Chikankari Cotton
When you are talking about Uttar Pradesh the Chikankari Cotton sarees are the most obvious choice as far as wearing in the spring and summer seasons is concerned. These sarees have some fantastic embroidery, the kind which you may have not seen before. The embroidery is intricate and detailed to say the least. The sarees are mostly available in pastel colors. Pink and blue are the most preferred shades as far as these sarees is concerned.

Kota Cotton
Kota Cotton sarees originate in Rajasthan, a state well known for its colors. These sarees are really light and that makes them a dream as far as wearing them is concerned. Apart from that, they are quite pretty as well. These sarees offer an unmatched variety with regards to borders and prints. You can easily wear them to functions as well as on a day out. The best thing about all these sarees is that they look fabulous even with little ornamentation. You can wear them will dull gold as well as oxidized jewelry.

Some dos and don’ts  
There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when you are wearing these sarees. First of all, never wear too much jewelry with them as that can significantly ruin your look. One of the commonest problem in India is the general acceptance accorded to the saying the more the merrier. Little do they realize that this does not always apply! Cotton sarees by themselves are quite sophisticated and elegant – there is really no need to add to them with over-the-top accessorizing. It is really time that you know and understand that what kind of ornamentation suits what you are wearing. 

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