Tuesday, March 14, 2017

10 ways to keep style and fashion your regular Salwar Kameez

Following are 10 style tips that you can follow and revitalize the look of the salwar kameez that you wear each and every day in your life:
  • Teaming it up, improvising
  • Using the traditional angrakha
  • Using the cotton anarkali
  • Wearing the short kurta
  • Wearing a sharara
  • Wearing an asymmetrical kurta
  • Wearing a straight kurta
  • Styling it with a jacket
  • Wearing a sherwani suit
  • Wearing a full-length salwar kameez

Teaming it up, improvising
There is no law that states that you should wear a salwar kameez in a traditional manner each and every time you wear it. You can do something that pleases you, makes you happy, and create your own fashion trend in the process. A dash of improvisation will always make your appearance a special one. For example, you can use a kurta, which happens to be rather plain and straight, and then team with a pair of palazzo pants.

When you wear it you will feel the difference and others will as well. Fashion experts these days are asking women and girls to avoid leggings since they happen to be boring and passé. This is why, as far as they are concerned you should be letting go of them at times. They always say that you should be wearing your style on your sleeves.

Always try styles that are different to the normal practice, and are thus unique. Try colours that are striking contrasts of each other. You can also give yourself an ethnic look with such efforts.

Indian Salwar Kameez are very famous for your fashion wear
Using the traditional angrakha
You can never go wrong with the traditional angrakha, which is not a mundane piece of clothing by any stretch of the imagination. This style will surely make you feel different and unique. Apart from being a distinct style this dress also gives you a sense of royalty that is something that you will never sense in a normal salwar kameez.

If you have areas in the body that you consider weaker parts of your appearance, such as a bulging midriff or a heavy hip, then you should definitely give angrakhas a go. Angrakha has a fusion of neck designed like a V and features an overlapping pattern as well. This means there is far greater focus on your kameez than the so-called weaker parts of your body.

However, if you have heavy breasts then you should not be wearing an angrakha. The main reason for such a statement is the fact that the layers of the angrakha will make sure that your breasts look bigger than they actually are. It is ideally suited for women who have an hourglass shape or are generally petite.

In these cases, the extra layers would actually enhance your body shape and make you look more attractive in the process.

Using the cotton anarkali
As far as elegant party wear is concerned anarkali happens to be a popular choice among women. However, this anarkali also has a sister who can be worn on a daily basis and is much more subtle in appearance. This one is called cotton anarkali. You can do up these anarkalis in the best way possible and just let the glitter do all the work for you.

You can be sure that with an anarkali you will always look stylish. They are comfortable as well – yet one more thing that works for these wonderful clothes. The best part of it all is that when you wear an anarkali you will never look over the top. There is an inherent class to this dress that is so comforting. 

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