Friday, March 3, 2017

10 Types of Saree Pallu Draping Style

A lot of us remember the way Priyanka Chopra wore the saree in the song Desi Girl in Dostana. We all remember how gorgeous and sensuous she looked in that traditional dress that has been identified with women in India for centuries. The speciality of that particular saree was that she had worn it over a bikini blouse.

Tickling the imagination
In that appealing garment that measured six yards Chopra set many a heart aflutter throughout India and beyond. She just looked out of the world. In fact, over the years a number of celebrities from around the world have worn the saree to stunning effect. The list includes names such as Victoria Beckham, Pamela Anderson, Angelina Jolie, Paris Hilton, and Selena Gomez. They have worn the saree and given the traditional Indian dress a smashing new look. They have refreshed things up like anything.

Why is a saree so special?
As far as dresses for women in India are concerned there is hardly any other piece of clothing that reflects the sheer feminine appeal of Indian women like sarees. It really complements them unlike anything else will ever do. Over the years fashion trends and clothes have come and gone but saree has remained one constant in the wardrobe of most women in India. Whenever an Indian girl wants to feel feminine and look stunning saree is her first preference.

Where can you wear a saree?
A saree can be worn just about anywhere. This is what makes it so special. You can wear it to special occasions such as wedding ceremonies, farewells in colleges or even on formal events such as office parties. Saree is a versatile dress and will suit any occasion to the T. However, as excited you may be by the prospect of being able to wear a saree, if you do not know how to drape one then you can be sure that things would go bad pretty soon. 

Butterfly Style Saree Wearing
Styles of draping pallu

Following are the 10 best styles in which you can drape the pallu of your saree:    
  1. Nivi style
  2. Front Pallu or the Seedha Pallu
  3. Mermaid Style
  4. Bangla Style Saree
  5. Half Saree, Two-Piece Saree or Half Lehenga
  6. Retro, Wraparound or Mumtaz Style Saree
  7. Contemporary Neck Wrap Saree Style
  8. Butterfly Style, Bollywood Style or Short Patli Style   
  9. Northern or Floating Style
  10. Tribal Styles

Nivi style
This is said to be the easiest style for wearing a saree. It belongs to Andhra Pradesh originally and is especially good enough for women who are new to wearing a saree. In this kind of style, the saree happens to be well-draped. The pallu is pinned in a beautiful way to the part of the saree that covers your shoulder. The form in which the saree is pleated is beautiful as well. There are a couple of ways in which you can sarees in this style. Those two styles are Kacchanivi and Modern Nivi. In Modern Nivi the drape is simple and pallu is pinned to the shoulder.

In Kacchanivi the pleats are supposed to pass through your legs and are then tucked to the back of your waist. This covers your legs and also allows for free movement. There are a few tips that you can consider in this particular case. You can use a fancy pin in order to pin up the pleated pallu. You can also pair this with Cholo, a sort of blouse worn by Nepali women, and thus freshen up your entire look. This can really create a fantastic fusion, and will also help you stand out from the crowd. 

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