Monday, February 13, 2017

Best traditional wedding fashion for Kids

One of the best things that you can do as a parent in this wedding season is let your kids be what they are – kids – and let them wear kiddy clothes, ones that they like and happen to be comfortable in. You might be worried sick about what your kids are doing in the wedding – they could be running helter skelter, and jumping down and up. They may also be skidding on their knees, doing this and that on the dance floor. You might not like it but that is what kids do – after all, they are kids. This is especially true of an occasion such as wedding.

The importance of comfort
This is why it is important that your child is as comfortable as he can be. If your child is not a quiet one or does not really listen to you then it makes no sense to gift him some designer clothes or other expensive items. They should ideally be wearing something – and I know that this would sound ironic – that can be destroyed quite easily provided they are going to muck around what they are wearing. It is also important to make sure that they do not look they have been made up too much or be weighed down by those expensive clothes. They should look like kids and not like young models on a runway, right?

Using bright colours
There are plenty of colours that would look good on kids. Some such colours are various shades of pink, corral green, peach, parrot green, and pastels. Basically, they would look good in any bright colour for that matter. However, these colours normally look good during a daytime do. If you are attending a function that is supposed to be held at night then you can go for various kinds of teal, yellow, turquoise, and red for the small, naughty ones.
Hand Woven Cotton Kidswear Kurta
Importance of accessorizing
You can always use some accessory or the other and make sure that your kid looks even lovelier than he already is. They would surely look extra cute. You can go for a bow tie for your young gentleman. It would make him look really cool and it would appear that he knows a thing or two about fashion. That would surely fetch him some plaudits, which he would appreciate as well. You can make sure that the bow tie matches the belt that they are wearing.

If you can get your boy to wear a pair of cufflinks with their favourite cartoon character on them it would make him look even cooler. It would add to their appeal as well. You can also get him to wear traditional shoes like juttis and mojris – that would surely help him stand out from the phalanx of kids wearing boots and sneakers. Just the right choice would make your kid look striking as opposed to smart as most kids normally look at weddings.

Some traditional suggestions
Your kid is a gentleman in the making and you need to acknowledge that as well. More than that, it needs to be reflected in the clothes that you are choosing for your child. He should be wearing colours and cuts that are fit for the kings as well as the richest people around. These are the best suggestions that can be given for this wedding season. They can wear Pathani kurta and salwar or a kurta pyjama that comes in the brightest of colours and also sets the trend for others to follow in future weddings.  In case you are attending a cocktail party he can wear a smart shirt, trousers that fit him well, and half-waist coats.  

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