Tuesday, February 21, 2017

12 types of color combinations saree which look beautiful on Indian skin complexion

There are too many problems with being a dusky woman in India. Since the country is a tropical one more than 70 per cent of the people here are dusky as it is. In spite of that India and Indians are always obsessed with fair-skinned people, and women in particular. If you take a good look at the entertainment world around you, you would see that the focus is on being fair – even dusky people are looking to become fair. However, the dusky ladies are slowly taking over as evidenced by the rise of the likes of Deepika Padukone.
White is one colour that always looks great on the dusky Indian women. In fact, the contrast of the dusky Indian hew with white only enhances the beauty of the woman who wears it.

Cream is also one colour that looks really gorgeous on dusky women. In case of women with a fair complexion it only enhances the overall appeal but the effect, in all, does not really compare to the effect that it has on dusky skin tones. The dark skin of Indian women presents a fantastic background to the light cream colour.

Teal green
Teal green is a rare shade of green – one that has remarkably-low intensity. As opposed to other shades of green this one looks the best on the dark-skinned Indian women.

Going by normal convention red is not a colour that one would suggest to a dark-skinned Indian lady. However, it is 2017 and it is time to change the rules. If one can wear it in the right way then red can actually act as a complement to the dark tone of Indian women. A lot of women – especially celebrities – often wear minis in blood red and it looks really good on them.

There are different shades of yellow and not all of them are meant for women with dark skin. For example neon yellow is not a colour that dusky women would look good in. However, sunflower yellow would look really good on them.

Cobalt blue
As may be said in case of green and yellow, blue comes with many shades as well. Dusky ladies may not look so good in deeper hues of blue such as midnight blue or royal blue. However, they normally look chirpy and bright in cobalt blue.

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Sea green
Once again, the darker shades of green may not suit dusky women so well. Vibrant colours of green like sea green normally suit them better. However, in this case a lot depends on the dress as well.

Till a few days back grey was not supposed to be even regarded as a colour. It was supposed to be a light and dull colour. However, times have changed now and grey appears to be a colour in fashion. In fact, dusky women look stunning in grey.

Mauve is also one of the few colours that look really good on dusky women. In case you happen to have a dress designed by someone like Tarun Tahiliani it will only appear to be even better.

Black is one of the few colours of the world that look good on just about anyone. However, it is always advisable that dark women refrain from wearing the dirty colours of black. They should ideally go with jet black and shimmering black.

Beige is a light colour that is used predominantly in England. It looks okay on fair women but looks much better on the dusky Indian women. You should always western clothes in beige. The bright colours should ideally be kept away for the various Indian celebrations and events like marriages, sangeet, mehendi, etc.

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