Thursday, February 2, 2017

10 best wardrobe essentials for college going girls

Jeans is the most obvious choice in this particular category. Girls who go to college wear jeans throughout their freshman years and perhaps later on as well. It is always better to have several pairs of jeans for this phase in one’s life. A lot of young girls in this age group prefer having four pairs. It is important that they fit well.

Denim shorts
Denim shorts are also a good option especially when the weather outside is all warm. In a country with an extended summer season it can jolly well be the best decision that a girl makes. If a girl is staying in a dormitory or a guest house then too it can be a good choice.

A lot of college-going girls – especially ones who have worn jeans throughout their freshman years – wear leggings in their sophomore years. However, more often than not they keep wearing a few pairs till they become worse for wear. In fact, it has been seen that quite a few girls have been late in picking up that style but once they have started they swear by them.

Basic tops
Most of the girls who go to college have less space for closets where they can store their clothes. This is why it is very important for them to make the most of what they have by way of wardrobe. This is where the basic tops can come in. Girls can wear them in neutral colours.  
Professional clothing
There is much more to professional clothing than just one piece of clothing. However, truth to be told, it is only a single outfit. No matter what kind of degree or programme a college-going girl is studying in it does not hurt to look like a professional every now and then. It ups the style quotient as well.

Idea about college going girl's wardrobe essentials
For every girl that is going to a college it is essential to have a hoodie that bears the name and logo of that institution. If they do not have one, they might as well not study over there. The combination of leggings and sweatshirts is a delectable one especially one where it is cool throughout the year and cold in the winters.

Crop tops
A lot of college girls wear crop tops. In fact, it would come as a surprise to many but most girls do not know how to wear one till the time they get to the college and see other girls wearing it as well. A lot of girls wear it during the weekends as well.

Day-to-night dresses  
Quite often it so happens that the schedule at college accumulates pretty quickly. It could be short on one day but reach gargantuan proportions on the very next. There could also be important meetings and homework that come in and swell things up. This is why it is important to have clothes that can be worn round the day.

Sweaters and cardigans
The kind of cardigans and sweaters that a young girl wears to college will depend on her style sense and the kind of statement that they wish to make. However, they are essential for the college-going girl. It is always good to have various kinds of cardigans and sweaters in one’s wardrobe.

When college-going girls have a few scarves in their arsenal it only adds to their college wardrobe. It adds quantity and adds value as well. These scarves can be in bright colours and various patterns, and they should be good enough to add zest and zing to the life of the girl who is wearing them. They can be worn together with tees and sweaters.    

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