Saturday, January 14, 2017

Why hand woven silk saree is too much costly?

Silk sarees are some of the most beautiful garments that any woman can wear. They are not only known for their royal and majestic beauty but also for the comfort that they provide when they are worn for long hours. Since these sarees have been in production in India for thousands of years, different styles have come up over the years that only bring greater versatility to this ageless piece of cloth. Every part of India is known for the unique type and variety of silk saree that it produces. It is therefore no wonder that the silk sarees are also some of the costliest garments that are currently available in the country.

There are a number of reasons due to which silk sarees are priced so highly in India. First and foremost, creating a hand woven silk saree is no small feat. At first, silk threads are reared from silk worms and their cocoons. This is a process that often takes several days. Around 50000 cocoons are used for making a single silk saree. To feed these silkworms, it takes about one to two tons of fresh mulberry leaves. The type of silk that is produced by the silkworms also depends on the specie itself. For instance, Anetheraea mylitta, Antheraea pernyi and Antheraea yamamai are silkworms that are used for making tussar silk. The Philosamia ricini and Philosamia Cynthia varieties are used for making eri silk sarees. The Antheraea assama is a silkworm that produces muga silk, a unique type of silk thread of golden yellow color. The rearing and harvesting of the silk threads is also an important factor when it comes to determining the quality of the threads.
Hand Woven Silk Sarees of Odisha
Once the threads are gathered, they are then worked on by the artisans and craftsmen of India who weave the threads to make unique pieces of silk sarees. This weaving is also a time consuming task and takes a lot of effort on the part of the artisans. Depending on the nature of the silk threads, the artisans make use of different methods and techniques to produce the sarees and put color on them. Such work takes a lot of effort and careful precision. It is due to such factors that silk sarees come at a much higher price than other forms of garments. A woman wearing these sarees also need to take special care of these sarees to make sure that they remain as good as new for many years.

There is another important reason why silk sarees have always fetched a high price compared to other sarees. The silk fabric has always been associated with a sense of royalty. While cotton sarees were always meant to be worn for everyday occasions, the silk sarees were worn mainly for special occasions such as weddings or religious ceremonies. Even today, women choose to wear them as their bridal outfits on their wedding days. The silk sarees have also been popularized by the queens and princesses of the Indian monarchy that ruled different parts of India over thousands of years.

At present, silk sarees are designed in a wide range of unique styles that cater to the fashion needs of modern women. Even though these sarees come with a high price tag, women in India simply love to splurge on them as they are not only great to wear but also a source of great pride. In fact, any fashion conscious woman has at least a few pieces of silk sarees in her collection that she can wear for special occasions. The glamour that is associated with these sarees help a woman to always stand out in a crowd. 

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