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8 stylish Traditional Pongal outfits to dressup in this season

India is a country that is known for its many colorful festivals that spread joy among all members of the family and society. These festivals not only sing the praise of the gods but also celebrate the harvest season and the powers of nature. One of the festivals that are celebrated with great pomp and glory in south India is the Pongal. Pongal is a traditional festival that celebrates the harvest season as well as the powers of nature that produce great crops. It is a major festival in south India that is celebrated by the local people with great ardor. People not only worship the gods but also exchange gifts, eat delicious food and dress up in the best outfits.

Here are some of the outfits that are popularly worn during the festival of Pongal.

Half sarees
Half sarees are extremely popular clothing options for women in south India who love to wear them in almost all major festivals. Therefore it is needless to say that these outfits make a major part of a woman’s wardrobe during the festival of Pongal. As known by the name of Pavadadavani, the traditional form of half saree includes a dupatta, long flared skirt and a choli or a top. Since the dupatta in this outfit is draped like a saree style, it is known as a half saree.

Anarkali suits
Anarkali suits are another popular option for women who love to look great on the festive occasion of Pongal. For some women, this is the perfect outfit for this season as it takes less time to wear. While wearing a saree requires a woman to fix the pallu and the pleats, an Anarkali suit can be worn quite easily without any difficulty.

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Kanjeevaram silk sarees
South Indian women simply love to dress themselves up in gorgeous silk Kanjeevaram sarees during any festival, and the Pongal is no different to this rule. These sarees stand out for their rich artwork of silver and gold threads, which makes them extremely stylish and fashionable. Any woman would simply love to dress herself up in a colorful Kanjeevaram silk saree and then combine it with some gold jewelry items.

Kasavu sarees
The Kasavu sarees or Kerala sarees are graceful south Indian white outfits that are known for their unmatched elegance. These sarees do not have any embroidery done on the borders. The sarees can be combined with white gajra which can be worn on the hairs.

Cotton salwar kameez
For those who would want to dress simple on this day of Pongal, a cotton salwar kameez can be the best choice. There are many colors and designs that a woman can choose from and the salwar kameez can also be combined with matching jewelry. This dress allows women to create a simple but elegant look.

Art silk sarees
Art silk sarees are colorful sarees that are nowadays considered extremely trendy. They are known for their artistic prints. These sarees are preferred by many women as they are quite lightweight and comfortable.

For men, Angavastram remains an important piece of clothing that they wear with their Pongal attire. This is a two-piece cloth that is made from pure silk or pure cotton. Angavastram with zari is often seen as a sign of classic royalty.

The dhoti is a classic Indian traditional outfit that is worn by men during special occasions like Pongal. It is a seven yards long clothing made from pure silk or cotton fabrics and is wrapped around waist and legs. It can be combined with a shirt or a kurta to create a nice look. 

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