Monday, December 12, 2016

What are your plans to celebrate Christmas and New Year 2017?

It is that time of the year again when people are getting ready to celebrate Christmas and New Year with their loved ones. As the merriment's of New Year 2017 are only a few weeks away, people all over the country are now getting prepared for making the most of this special event. The Christmas celebrations are held in India with great pomp and reverence. Not only this day has a special religious significance for people but it also offers them with the opportunity of getting together and having a good time. People wish their loved ones all the joy and happiness on the auspicious occasion of Christmas and share cakes and other edibles that make this day special.

The New Year celebrations are also held with great enthusiasm in all parts of India. Traditionally, in India the New Year celebrations were performed during the month of March. However, as time went by, more people in India chose to celebrate New Year’s on the December 31st as it is done in all other parts of the world. On this day, people in India celebrate this occasion in a number of ways, saying goodbye to the old year and welcoming the New Year with the hope that it is going to bring all the joy and happiness in people’s lives.

Christmas Parade of SantaClaus
On the last day of the month of December, people living in all the different parts of India get ready for the special celebrations of this day by wearing the best clothes and looking good. They also indulge in a wide range of fun filled and exciting activities such as singing, dancing, playing games and attending parties. Various entertainment centers and avenues such as movie theatres, night clubs, resorts, clubs, restaurants, amusement parks and tourist spots are filled with men and women of all ages from the early hours of the morning till the late hours of the night. People embrace and wish each other the best for the New Year and get together to celebrate this special occasion in a wide range of interesting ways, such as exchanging gifts, greeting cards and other tokens of love and happiness.

People also gather in various parts of the cities to watch the display of firecrackers as well as share moments of joy with each other. The media also covers the New Year celebrations and shows them on many of the leading prime channels all throughout the day. Even people who choose to stay indoors on this special occasion make plans to make this day count in their own ways. In large cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore special live concerts are held that are attended by people of all cultural and social backgrounds. In Goa, concerts are held for people that are headlined by international artists and musicians from different parts of the world. Many of these are also attended by well known Bollywood celebrities and notable personalities. A lot of music and merriment characterizes these shows which are attended by plenty of people.

While most people find joy and happiness in spending time with a large number of people, there are also those who prefer to spend this special occasion with their family members and close friends. This day is also seen by many people as the perfect occasion to revive old friendships as they may not have the opportunity of getting together during their busy schedules at other times of the year. The Christmas and New Year’s is also a perfect time for many people to make travel plans as they choose to explore new cities and territories that they previously did not explore.    

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