Thursday, December 1, 2016

What are some of best places to visit in Europe during winters?

Europe can be a majestic and beautiful place to visit during the winter season. While it is true that plenty of European cities experience snowfall and can be extremely cold, the cities do become alive with the celebrations of Christmas and offers people plenty of scopes to celebrate in their own way. As an ardent traveller, you must be eager to learn about all the best places that you can visit in Europe during the winter. Here is a look at the European places that make for perfect tourist spots in winter season.

The winters in Amsterdam may seem quite chilly to some people but it is also the best time to visit this amazing city. While the weather is just perfect for sightseeing, one can also enjoy lazy strolls around the roads and lanes which offer an authentic Dutch vibe for ardent travellers.

The vibrant city streets of Zurich along with the closeness to Swiss Alps truly make it an ideal place to visit during the cold winter months. You can walk down the cobblestone streets, explore all the medieval architecture and take in the beauty of scenic lake vistas while enjoying mouthwatering Swiss chocolates.   

Innsbruck is an idyllic city in Austria’s state of Tyrol. Surrounded by the beautiful Alps Mountains all over, it is a very popular site for winter sports. So if you love activities like skiing, mountaineering and hiking, then Innsbruck can be the best getaway. The city also has plenty of modern and imperial architecture that you can explore on foot.

Salzburg offers the perfect blend of chilly winters with medieval architecture. If you want to explore beautiful cathedrals, castles and other stunning baroque architecture marvels covered in snow, then you should definitely visit Salzburg during the winter season.  

Make a Plan for your Europe Trip During this Winter
During the winter, Vienna becomes alive with ice skating rinks for the public, numerous advent markets, and lavish parties. The buildings and rooftops get covered with snow and you will have plenty of reasons to celebrate in the nearby ski slopes. The markets, people and streets create a majestic European wonderland.

Although Lisbon is mainly known for mild winter temperatures with a little bit of rain, it is still the best time to visit the city as the hotel charges drop greatly during this time. The narrow lanes, picturesque shops, ornate architecture that gives Lisbon its distinct personality is best explored on foot. 

Paris is often regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in the world and it is still exciting to go there during the winter months. You can visit a nice roadside café and get yourself warmed up by sipping some nice hot coffee. Later you can explore the best sights and locations of the city, like Musée du Louvre, Musée d'Orsay and Musée Rodin. 

Prague offers a range of fine places to hang out in the winter months that can make your stay here every bit as exciting as in the summer months. The medieval castles and landmarks serve as excellent sightseeing points and the underground restaurants are the best places to socialize. You can also enjoy the numerous concerts and shopping options available in the city. 

Budapest can be quite cold during winter months and snowfall is common. However, this is also the best time to visit the city as it becomes extremely scenic and beautiful with all the snow that covers the rooftops and trees.

Although the winter is considered to be low season in Venice, it is still a good time to come here as you can take advantage of the low fares. The month of February also sees the celebrations of the Carnevale.

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