Monday, December 19, 2016

What are the different Ideas of Handmade New Year Party Invitation cards?

The New Year 2017 party is just around the corner and people all over the world are now getting ready for this big day. Already people are making plans for this special event and one of the best ways to say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new one is to throw a party that will be attended by many people who can enjoy their fullest on the last day of the year. In order to invite people to the special occasion of the party of the year, you need to come up with invitations that ask all of your friends, relatives and loved ones to come to your party and have the best time of their lives. While you can always buy readymade invitation cards from online stores to ask everyone to come to your party, a better way to achieve the same goal would be to send handmade New Year party invitation cards that would really show them that you really care for them.

While the actual part of designing and creating the New Year party invitation cards is simple, the more difficult part of the task is to come up with attractive ideas for the event that would appeal to your invitees and encourage them to be a part of this special event. Here are some cool ideas for you to consider when you are looking to come up with striking card designs for your New Year party invitations.
Handmade New Year Party Invitation Card
  • Create a silver shimmery card that says Happy New Year by creating an upper leaf which consists of the letters further adorned with stones trimming. You can choose to have the upper leaf completely white, get it in a wide range of attractive shades or even come up with your own patterns and designs that make your card unique.
  • Floral designs and patterns never go out of style and they are also quite popular on the event of New Year celebrations. You can use these floral prints in a myriad of ways to create attractive New Year invitation cards. Fill up the entire length of your card with floral images and frills or artfully create them at certain specific parts of the card’s upper leaf.
  • Cartoonish and overtly comical cards have been the rage over the last few years. You can come up with unique designs of your choice by using smiley flowers, fruits, bees and bugs decorations in generous doses or large impressions. For the body of the cards themselves, you can choose the classic white or any other kind of attractive shade that goes well with the occasion.
  • Glimmers and shiny elements can create an ethereal and out of the world look for your New Year invitation card. You can add gleaming stars and moon in golden or silver shades and accentuate the look of the card by writing Happy New Year in an attractive font style.
  • Another popular choice for unique Happy New Year party card designs would be sketched images and impressions that express the spirit of partying and merriment. You can choose your own motifs and elements when you are creating these cards, although the most popular ones include clicking champagne glasses, balloons, flowers, ribbons and sketched individuals.
  • A good way to create a fun and flirty Happy New Year invitation card would be to make use of party jokes and humor as the headlining factor of your invitation. You can additionally draw in images of balloons and merriment that convey a festive mood.
  • Create small paper cuts of heart signs, flowers and other objects and add them with glue on surface of the main invitation card to create a unique design.      

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