Friday, December 23, 2016

Some predictions of online shopping trend in India 2017

The ecommerce industry in India is expanding at a rapid rate and in 2017 we are likely to see a range of new developments that are likely to encourage people in this country even more to embrace online shopping. A number of trends are soon to emerge in Indian ecommerce scenario that is going to improve the prospects of online shopping for customers all around the country. Here is a look at the probable trends that we are likely to see in 2017.

Greater number of payment options
While cash on delivery or COD really helped to popularize the idea of online shopping in India, there will be a number of mobile payment gateways in the coming year that is going to change the way people pay for the goods that they buy from online stores. These payment gateways are not only going to make online payments even more secure than ever before but also provide great opportunities for customers to avail special discounts and offers.

Greater prevalence of mobile shopping
More online businesses are looking to encourage shoppers to use their mobiles when they need to buy something from an ecommerce store. Many customers also prefer the idea of carrying out their purchases from their mobiles as it offers them greater flexibility. Companies are also investing their resources to promote their products on various mobile sites and apps which can increase the number of sales over a given period of time. Mobile ecommerce shopping also provides people with greater flexibility to choose their delivery pick up points.

Bringing down friction levels in shopping
Omnichannel shopping websites are now geared to present their customers with a completely frictionless shopping experience. This is not only going to encourage customers to buy goods from online stores but also make use of offline  touch points when they need to buy their goods.

Predictions of 2017's Online Shopping Trend in India
In-store mobile devices will become more popular
Mobile devices like in-store tablets and mPOS systems can facilitate ease of the checkout process, make faster payments and improve the overall customer experience. This is certainly going to improve ecommerce industry, especially since the whole country is now trying to adjust with the effects of demonetization. 

Machine learning is going to change ecommerce forever
Machine learning is a method through which the computer is able to process large amounts of data and discover patterns within them that can be used for analyzing new data. With time, a machine learning system gets more systematic and efficient and it can improve the scope of the big data analytics which can help companies to provide all relevant information to the right users at the most well suited time. Most ecommerce stores that also have their own retail outlets are nowadays using this method to better serve their customers.

Creating a seamless mixture of online as well as offline data collection
As customers nowadays make use of multiple channels to learn about products and make their purchasing decisions, it is necessary to have proper systems in place that allow online as well as offline data collection and analysis. More companies in 2017 are going to analyze their online as well as offline data together. This is going to provide them with a better picture of the preferences of their customers.

Effective usage of product catalogs
Companies operating in the ecommerce industry are going to realize that it is not just hoarding the maximum number of merchandise that is going to boost their sales but the right kind of products that is going to appeal to their target customers. This is also going to increase the importance of careful market surveys.

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