Monday, November 14, 2016

Why Kanchi Cotton and Silk Sarees are famous among the South Indians?

India has a rich tradition of saree making that has developed over the country’s extensive history of thousands of years. This simple and elegant piece of clothing has created the identity of the Indian women for the longest time and has evolved greatly over the years. Numerous types of sarees are produced in different parts of the country, each unique in its own way. The reason for the widespread popularity of these sarees is that gifted craftsmen and artisans put in a great deal of effort to make sure that only the richest quality of cotton and silk threads. They then use these silk threads to make the sarees that stand out for their rich quality and finish.

Among the types of sarees that have become immensely popular over the years, one that deserves special mention is the Kancheepuram sarees or Kanchivaram sarees. Originating in the Kancheepuram region of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, these sarees come in two important variations and are known for their elegance and gorgeousness. Made from cotton and silk fabrics, Kanchivaram sarees are widely worn by women in India for their wedding ceremonies as well as many other special occasions. They are also loved by celebrities in India, who wear them frequently for their own weddings, press meetings and other important events. 

Beautiful Kanchi Cotton and Silk Sarees Online
Although known to be costlier than many other types of sarees that are made in India, these sarees are loved almost universally by women in this country. The reason for this is that they look extremely luxurious and are made out of gold borders and threads. While the pattern of the saree itself may differ greatly, special motifs, dots and gold zari threads are used to create these sarees that make them highly unique in appearance. These sarees also come in different types of vibrant colors, which naturally increase its energy and appeal. In fact, Kanchivaram silk sarees are known to be some of the best silk sarees in the world. The Kanchivaram cotton sarees also enjoy widespread popularity among women of different age groups and fashion preferences.

One of the main reasons why women in South India really love to dress up in the finest Kanchivaram sarees is that they love their garments to be dynamic and energetic. It is therefore in the very essence of women in South India to choose clothing that would allow them to stand out in the crowd. The use of gold threads in Kanchivaram sarees have also led people to associate these garments with royalty since gold is something that not everyone can afford. While the amount of gold used in these sarees may differ from one piece to another, it is a known fact that Kanchivaram sarees rank higher in their status and appeal than other types of sarees. Any woman who loves to feel special and the life of a party or gathering would love to have a nice collection of these sarees. It is therefore no surprise that women in all parts of India simply love to get these sarees in a wide range of colors and designs.

With the advent of online shopping in India, women in this country can now easily get the finest Kanchivaram sarees from the comfort of their own homes. Even saree shops and manufacturers are taking to ecommerce stores to reach out to a wider customer base and increase their sales. This has certainly boosted the prospects of the Kanchivaram sarees manufacturing industry than what it was in the past. Such improvements in the Kanchivaram saree market trends will help the artisans to come up with even better quality products in the near future. 

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