Wednesday, October 26, 2016

How to decorate your home in this Diwali festival?

It is the time of Diwali once again and home owners all over India are now looking for ways in which they can clean up their place and experiment with various ways in which they can decorate their living areas. Although some people are totally up for decorating their homes, they also have the pressing need to do them all within budget as they need to manage a lot of expenses at this time of the year. Here are some of the most cost effective ways to adorn your homes for the festive occasion of Diwali that is going to appeal to you and your guests.

Colorful Diya

Get creative with the earthen lamps and use paints and glitter to create unique diyas that will help you to spread light all around your home. Use them to decorate your living area in any way you like.

Floral Diya

It is often a custom to create Rangoli by using powdered color. You can now use diyas to create floral designs in your home that will add a different dimension to it. Put the brown ones in a circular manner around a central candle and add some additional decorations to them like silver balls or flowers. Light up the candles to create a stunning design. 

Floating Diya

Put some floating candles in a large bowl and add flowers to the water. Light up the candles to create a heavenly diya design. Apart from flowers, you can also add other types of decorative items to make it look unique.

Innovative Rangoli

While the Rangoli design has been timelessly associated with the festival of Diwali, now you can put an innovative touch to it by adding various elements such as diyas, tissues, earthen pots and flower bowls. You can also try out new designs for the Rangoli that would add beauty to your home.

Diwali Decorations Idea at Home
Paper Lanterns

Create uniquely designed paper lanterns that look exotic and beautiful at the same time. There are many different styles of paper lanterns that you can choose from. Hence you will not have any dearth of options in terms of designs when you are looking to create paper lanterns.

Paper cup lamps

You can use paper cups to create small lamps that you can then use to decorate your home. Paint old paper cups and then cut them into simple floral shapes which can be conveniently stuck together. Put light bulbs into them and create a nice chain.      

Decorated candles

While traditional candles do enjoy the same kind of popularity as they did before, many people are now opting for decorated candles as they look unique. Take some regular candles and adorn them by using dry leaves so that they appear beautifully lit.

Decorated chocolate treats for kids

You will definitely have a lot of kids visiting your home at this time of the year and you would want them to have fun by enjoying some rich chocolate treats. A good way to entertain the little ones is to have small boxes of chocolates adorned with floral designs in different parts of the home. Not only they serve as excellent decorations for your home but you can also ask the kids to find them as a form of game.

Doily lights

Doily lights can add a delicate touch to your rooms and add a lot of beauty to them. You can make a chain of doily lights and hang it on the walls.

Diwali Toran

Hang a Diwali Toran just outside of your house. This is not only an auspicious but also decorative in its own way. You can choose from a wide range of Toran designs currently available in the market.  

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