Friday, October 7, 2016

8 types of draping style in this Navratri festival

The style of draping a saree can create dynamically different looks for a woman. As the Navratri approaches, women in India are looking for new ways in which to drape a saree and look great. Here are 8 styles of draping a saree that are ideal for this Navratri festival.

Draping a Bengali saree

Bengali sarees are quite well known for their royal religious look, thereby depicting the traditional ethnic look that is so closely associated with Bengali culture. The sarees in red and white border forms the basis of clothing in Bengali puja rituals. Usually heavy sarees along with silk woven motifs define the border look which is highlighted by this specific drape. There is no presence of lower drape pleats for this saree.

Draping a Gujarati saree

Women in Gujarat in day to day life as well as in most wedding events love to dress up in their traditional look that is defined by their own style of draping a saree. The Gujarati style of draping a saree is also referred to as siddha palla drape as its saree pallu comes at the front to clearly highlight the look of the attire by extending it, thereby covering the whole part of the front bodice.

Draping a Marathi saree

Maharashtra has been culturally known for its diverse ethnic practices as well as saree draping methods that can be observed at festivals. The fishermen style of draping their sarees has been popular in the past and was done in the form of 9 yards drape. While this particular draping style is not much in use these days, but still women opt for this draping style for cultural events and wedding occasions.

Saree Draping Style During Navratri Festival in India

Draping a mermaid style saree

The mermaid style saree draping method involves a type of draping that creates a basic look but accentuates the curvy appearance of the hip section. It uses a combination of methods that can help in creating the mermaid look by working on a close fitted hip section that gives rise to a flared bottom hem area giving the whole mermaid style look. It is a very popular draping style for festive occasions.

Draping a Nivi style saree

The Nivi style of draping a saree is also the basic pattern of draping sarees. It is mostly chosen by working women as it offers enhanced comfort for long hours. It is also a common choice for parties as well as other social occasions as it allows in creating a minimalistic but sophisticated look.

Draping an open pallu saree

For draping an open pallu saree, the basic pattern of draping sarees is followed together with keeping the pallu open at the shoulder area without pleats. The open pallu saree helps to enhance the comfort of the wearer and is known for its simple look. It is therefore a common choice in workplaces. This form of drape is also ideal for being sported at the Navratri.

Draping a pant style saree

Wearing a pant style saree allows one to sport a fusion Indo western look. Instead of a petticoat, a woman is required to wear a pair of pants or leggings and a well fitted blouse. The pallu pleats are to be put over the left shoulder and the loose parts of the saree must be pleated right at the center.

Draping a saree Mumtaz style

The saree wearing style of yesteryear actress Mumtaz is still a rage with modern women. To drape a saree Mumtaz style, one needs to create a narrow or small visible border in layers on lower skirt drape and then drape the edges without their basic pleats in a wraparound style.

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