Friday, September 9, 2016

Setting up an “Indian” home with Patachitra paintings, Palm leaf engravings and more

Your home is your personal paradise on earth. Adorning it is an uphill task. No, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get those décor items at place- but perhaps because there are so many ideas splashed on the Internet and the magazines, you are often overwhelmed simply by the choices you have at your disposal.

Is it that difficult to decorate the home exactly the way you want?
The trick here is to zero in on a single idea that you want your house to reflect. Since it’s your house, there’s always going to be a bit of “you” in every room. You can keep this point in view to pick up the décor materials that you think will comply with your personality and convenience the best. Offbeat décor materials range from anything like frame-less mirrors to bedroom fairy lights and blended wall fixtures. Today, we are offering a few home décor tips for those who are looking at decking up their home with purely Indian home décor arts and crafts. Let us read on.

How to Decorate your home with purely Indian home decor arts and crafts? 
To start off with, let us tell you that nothing on earth can render that much coveted earthy feel to your home as well as Indian Home Décor can do. India is a country known for its rich heritage and exotic art. The creative acumen of Indian artists and craftsmen has drawn praise from the entire world. It stands unparalleled to this day. In fact, Indian handicrafts are famous across the globe since the times of Mohenjo-Daro.  Here are a few tips with the help of which you can set up an “Indian” home of your dreams.

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It’s all about Patachitra, Palmleaf and Dhokra

One of the items immediately associable with Indian décor is patachitra painting. Patachitra painting is very simply described as scroll painting done on cloths. Hailed as the traditional painting of Odhisa, India, Patachitra paintings have adorned many a homes across the country and are eternally associated with class and refined tastes. The colors used in this form of painting are completely natural made by the Oriya painters or Chitrakaras. This style of painting remains the oldest types of painting in the state.

As far as home décor is concerned Patachitra paintings can well be the “life” of your living room. A large painting taking up that central wall of your room, accentuated by the right kind of lighting can just turn out to be the cynosure of all eyes.

Palm leaf engravings or paintings, once again, make for one of most ancient crafts of the world. Also known as Talpatachitras, palm leaf engraving is an art which has reached new heights today as far as homedécor is concerned.

Anybody looking to render a completely Indian look to his or her abode first turns to palm leaf paintings. The ethnic art comprising inscriptions (made on palm leaves) adds a whole lot of flexibility to your choices. Though the palm leaves are generally cut into standard sizes, you can always aim for a custom look by choosing shapes that are a little quirky and unique in their own ways.

Dhokra is a metallurgy based art which has been a traditional favorite of homemakers as well. At the heart of Dhokra craft is brass-ware. Have you seen those beautiful brass showpieces – tribal couples, elephants, candle stands and bells? They generally make for a regular feature at the trade fairs – no matter in which part of India you are.

Make sure you are including these décor items in your home while setting up your dream “Indian” home.  

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