Wednesday, July 27, 2016

What are some Traditional Indian Garments good for a typical Tamil Reception?

Tamil weddings, like all other Indian weddings are high on pomp and ceremony. These are festive events that are known to be gorgeous and colorful. Therefore it is no surprise that the men and women who attend a wedding would love to look their very best. If you are new to a Tamil wedding reception, then you need to dress up in the traditional style to be a part of this special occasion. Over the years, traditional Tamil clothing has attained global recognition due to the beauty and elegance that is associated with them. The style and motifs used with these clothes have also undergone a great change over the years. Today, anyone who is looking to wear traditional Tamil clothing for a wedding can have a wide range of options to choose from.

When it comes to women, saree or half saree and blouse is the main staple of costume in a Tamil wedding. Although a woman can easily choose from a wide range of sarees that are available online, the most popular ones are of course the heavy Kanchipuram sarees. These are made by using fine gold threads which make them exquisite and beautiful. The sarees are large and give way to extra pallu that is worn around the waist. The style, color, texture and embroidery of these sarees can vary greatly from one piece to another. Different types of materials are used to create these sarees, such as silk, crepe silk, georgette and chiffon. When a Kanchipuram saree is combined with a well matching blouse, it can give rise to a stunning look.

Hand Woven Silk Sarees for Tamil Reception
A half saree typically consists of a dupatta, long skirt and a blouse which can be worn around the body. Usually, these sarees are worn by younger girls and are known for their enhanced comfort. Although the numbers of women wearing these sarees are rare, they can still be seen from time to time. The draping style of a saree can vary from one person to another. Whether a woman wears a saree or a half saree, she needs to combine it with traditional ornaments such as bangles, necklaces and other accessories. Bangles are traditional accessories that are worn particularly by married women. They are also considered to be auspicious and are therefore highly cherished by all women.

For men, the traditional costume in Tamil Nadu has always been shirt, dhoti and angavastra. Although most men in this part of India wear lungi during their daily work and general occasions, they prefer to wear a dhoti during a special occasion like a wedding or a wedding reception. While the traditional color for these garments has always been white, nowadays many men prefer to choose their clothes from other shades as well. The angavastra is a type of long cloth that is draped around shoulders. While at one point of time the angavastra was worn by men instead of the upper garment, nowadays they are mainly kept over a shirt. Many of these clothing items also come with special designs and motifs these days. Although many men prefer to wear western outfits while they attend weddings, the traditional Tamil dress code of shirt, dhoti and angavastra still continues to remain popular.

The traditional Tamil garments for wedding or wedding receptions can be easily purchased from the various online stores that offer extensive stock of these clothes. Many of these online stores also offer great discounts on these clothing items which make it quite affordable to buy them. With more online stores coming up that present traditional Tamil clothing, the popularity of these garments is likely to increase over time.

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