Monday, July 18, 2016

Go Ethnic with Your Handmade Home Decor

If we discuss popular ethnic handmade home décor items, we visualize cushions with mirror work, wall hangings, embroidered table and sofa covers, hand carved mirror or photo frames in copper, fulkari bed cover and so on. Does not these images present a perfect ethnic home décor? Interestingly, all these items that people all over the world rave about are handmade. The intricate thread work may give you an impression of some machine but as a matter of fact, there are families who have dedicated their generations in past and will do in future as well, to these art works. These skillful artisans have inherited the talent as legacy and sometimes are forced to choose this over any other profession. Let us discuss some novelty handmade home décor items that will give your enormous flat in posh locality or a modest home in a small town an ethnic home décor.

Choice of Colours

Colours go a long way when you want to give ethnic Indian flavour to your home décor. So, when you plan makeover, include warm coloured items to your room. We understand that changing the wall colours are not always possible and we are not insisting for it either. But if you incorporate décor items like sofa covers, cushions, wall pieces, and curtains in different shades of red, orange, yellow and brown, your home will look cosy and welcoming.

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Concept of Ethnic Look for a Living Room

Ethnic look will be incomplete without woodwork items. Hand-carved wooden decorative items look very sophisticated and they complement any décor. Similarly the zaffri work also gives an elegant and inviting appearance. But if you don't have them and including them would mean exceeding your budget in leaps and bounds, don't feel disappointed. Get your old wooden furniture and varnish it in glossy finish. Zari work table cover in earthly hues will take your décor to another level. As mentioned before, bright coloured cushion covers with mirror work all over are integral to your handmade ethnic home décor. Similarly, curtains you are using can be embroidered for that extra impression. Don't forget to gather them and tie up with a silk tassel. Rugs and carpets look great in an ethnic themed décor but to be truthful, handmade one would cost a fortune.

Ethnic Home Decor

For the Indian essence in your bedroom, you can put some efforts from your side. Stitch your old silk sarees into curtains. Add zari, gota or appliqué to make it even beautiful. These days you will find different bed sets that are essentially Indian in look. With golden thread work, raw silk patches and even sequins embellished here and there, they make your room mutedly gorgeous. A lampshade with dokra work or stained glass will give it seal of perfection. At the end of this make over session, you won't stop smiling at the final result of your handmade ethnic themed home décor.

Some Essential Items

We all know that Indian handmade art and crafts are high on demand. It will be no short of foolishness not to include them in your home décor. A white and blue ceramic vase at the corner, wooden horse or hand-carved elephant on the glass shelf, hand-carved wooden or black metal jewellery box for your beautiful wooden dresser, soapstone jar of jali work beside your music system, pattachitra wall piece, jute-made lamp shade on the side table with sofa, a brass lamp hanging from the ceiling and the list can go on but you will never fall short for options to make your home sophisticated with ethnic handmade home décor items. However, catch is to maintain the thin line between giving your house an ethnic facelift yet stop right before it becomes your personal museum. 

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