Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Divyanka Tripathi is Busy For Her Wedding Ceremony

Divyanka Tripathi of Yeh Hai Muhabbatein fame is a household name today. Her sizzling chemistry with Ruhanika Dhawan aka Ruhi has made her character of Ishi Maa larger than life. Though she has equal chemistry with all her other co workers like Karan Patel, Sumit Sachdeva, Aly Goni, Neena Kulkarni  or Anita Hasnandani Reddy, but the bond she shares with her on-screen daughter outshines everyone else. And little did her fan know that when a new character ACP Abhishek, a friend of Raman Bhalla, her reel life husband was introduced in the serial, a new script was being written elsewhere at a cosmic level. But it so happened that first who met as colleagues were engaged in January 2016 and on July 8, they got married in Bhopal.

Thanks to different social media platforms, celebrities are quite accessible these days. You can know what is going on in their lives, interact with them and virtually be a part of all functions of their life events. Divyanka Tripathi who is almost like a family member of every household though was very busy managing the hectic shooting schedules and preparing for the wedding, kept her fan following updated with everything ongoing preparations. Fans could see her choosing the wedding trousseau, pre wedding photo shoot and exclusive pictures of a wedding which was nothing short of a dream sequence. Some websites have also posted the picture of the wedding cards and not to mention photos of every event from mehendi, sangeet to the wedding and reception. And their first picture as man and the wife surely takes the cream, away. The glow on the face of newlywed bride and groom, their dresses, their jewellery and accessories, the guest list, venue and everything related to this wedding became talk of the tele town for the last few days.

Divyanka Tripathi getting married with Vivek Dahiya 
Different TV programmes and website articles told us the changes made in the script due to the wedding functions. Divyanka and Vivek took a leave of 10 days for the occasion. It was difficult for the team to accommodate the space since Divyanka is the lead and there are rarely episodes where she is not shot. So creative team came up with different ideas like sending her to ICU, Australia or her shots to be taken separately. After all, she is the favourite bahu and mother of TV screen. But all wells that ends well. Everything was sorted out. Both the bride and the groom who are leads in two daily soaps, Yeh Hai Muhabbatein and Kavach worked overtime to wrap up as much as they could before leaving for the wedding which took place in Divyanka's home town and followed by a reception held in Vivek's home town Chandigarh. Divyanka and Vivek could take their time out from their respective shooting schedules to do their shopping, preparations, photo shoots, and talking to their fans about these preparations as well. One look at the wedding and pre wedding pictures and you will understand the precious bond they share.

Prior to this, Divyanka had been in a serious relationship as well but they amicably separated after a long period of courtship. The elegant actress from the small town of Bhopal started her career as an anchor with Akash Vani. Very few people know that this soft looking girl next door actress has a degree in mountaineering and gold medals for rifle shooting as well. The 'sarva-guna-sampanna' bahu of TV serials is no less in her real life as well. And it is for the time to say that how comfortably she fits into this new avatar. 

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