Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Ayurvedic Medicine Dashamula for Lord Jagannath

Dashamula or Dashamoolah is an Ayurvedic medicine practiced in India since ages to cleanse and treat various types of health issues. It is a mix of herbs and is quite effective. The Dashamula medicine is used to treat Lord Jagannath after the Snana Yatra when he is bathed with lots of water from the pots filled with holy water from the sacred well. The Lord and his family bathe only once a year and it is a huge festival in Odissa. Post the bathing ceremony the Lord along with his family rests in a sickroom and is treated with Dashamulah.

Dashamoolah in English means 10 roots. This concoction is a cleansing one and is prepared from the roots of 10 herbs. In Ayurveda the body is treated as the abode of 5 elements and weakening of one element creates misbalance within the system. This concoction is prepared with herbs and sesame oil to cleanse the pitta dosha or the fiery element. It is basically made into a liquid form; however, Dashamoolah can also be herbal steam. This encourages the flashing out of toxins through the sweat glands. However, the Lord is offered the liquid form of medication.
Ayurvedic Medicine Dashamula
Dahsamoolah is also known as Dashamula kashaya and is used to treat kapha, cough, vata, asthma, cold and inflammation too. The Lord after bathing so much is inflicted with fever and Dashamula treats him of fever, cough and pain in flanks. The Lord is also offered pepper along with this liquid medicine to make it more effective. The ingredients of Dashamula include:
  •       Bilva- Aegle Marmelos
  •       Agnimantha- Permna Mucronata
  •       Shyonaka- Oroxylum Indicum
  •       Patala- Stereospermum Suaveolens
  •       Gambhari- Gmelina Arborea
  •       Brihati- Solanum Indicum
  •       Kantakari- Solanum Xanthocarpum
  •       Gokshura- Tribullus Terrestris
  •       Shalaparni- Desmodium Gangeticum
  •       Prishnaparni- Uraria Picta
8 parts water is mixed and strained to get the medicine. 

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