Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Why College Going Girls Always Want Unstitched Salwar Suits

Salwar suit is the most popular Indian dress among college going young girls, especially in small towns where wearing western dresses is still not allowed. But no matter where, these young girls prefer unstitched salwar suits over the readymade ones. There are many reasons behind it, but mainly due to these following reasons.

  1. Every girl has a different physic. And when a girl is too skinny or stout, it gets difficult to get the exact size. This is where dress material for salwar suits gets an edge because one size fits all. Choose a good material, take it to a boutique or tailoring shop and you will get an exact replica of the set you had been eyeing for long but failed to get in your size. You can also have the depth of neck or back as per your choice as unstitched salwar suits can be improvised according to your dressing style. Without proper fitting, dress would not look half good. And for apt fitting, you would need dress material. 
  1. Secondly, a readymade salwar suit comes in number of pieces. Every size comes in multiple pieces. It can be easily said that on a given day, there can be more than ten women wandering in the city or town in the same dress, so there are always possibilities of bumping with someone who wears the same suit on the same occasion on the same day. On the other hand, the chances of wearing same dress diminishes with unstitched salwars suits because even if the dress material would be same, the design of the finished dress would be different. A single suit piece can be stitched in different styles like below knee kurta, short kurta, salwar, churidar, v-neck, collared and so on.      
Unstitched Salwar Suits for College Going Girls available online
  1. In most of the cases, fabric used in the readymade salwar suit is not at par. If you are not buying branded dress, you may get annoyed with the quality of stitches as well. After few wears, stitches, hooks or other decorative pieces will come off. But when you buy unstitched salwar suits, individual care is taken for each aspects which is why these dresses last long. You can wear them forever. Their colour may get faded out but there will be seldom any stitch that will be apart. Also, you can choose the fabric of your choice. 
  1. When you are buying readymade suits, you will have to take the complete set even if you have the same coloured churidar or leggings and dupatta. But if you have a bandhani dupatta and some neutral coloured salwar, churidar or leggings, buy dress material for the kurta alone. You can buy as many dress materials as you want to, without having to spend for bottom wear and dupatta.  So, if you buy one multicoloured bandhani, batik or leheriya dupatta, you can team it up with several mono coloured or contrasting salwar kameez, short kurta with Patiala or churidar kurta. This is one flexibility that comes with unstitched salwar suits only. 
  1. And the latest reason is the latest shopping trend- online shopping. When shopping online, young girls often complain of poor fittings or fabrics. Since the images appearing on computer or mobile screen often differ from the actual piece of cloth due to the screen resolution, high definition picture or similar factors, when the actual product reaches the customer, they are left disappointed because either the material is too shiny or the size of that company differs from other ones prevailing in the market. As a result, young girls have come back to their old and gold way of buying dresses- unstitched salwar suits. 

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