Monday, February 22, 2016

Weaving Style and Online Market of famous Pasapalli Saree

Odisha is known for its various handloom sarees in cotton and silk. Pasapalli Saree is invariably one of the prominent ones. The name Pasapalli has been derived from the word 'pasa' which means chessboard. You can identify this saree from other sarees of Odisha by its signature chessboard squares in contrasting colours on border and pallu. Some of the premium exclusive sarees have chequered patterns all over the body. This handloom saree is woven mainly in the Bargarh district. These are usually bright coloured sarees which get an edge with brighter contrast coloured border and pallu. Most common colour combination found in this variety of saree is yellow and blue, green and red, golden and maroon etc. Red is quite a dominant colour of Pasapalli sarees.

Like most of the handloom sarees of Odisha, Pasapalli is also woven in silk, cotton, tussar and a mix of tussar and silk. For a touch of glamour, often golden thread work is used. The check patterns seen in this saree are mainly done in white or black. A look at the 'anchal' or 'pallu' and you will understand what an intricate design it is and that it surely needs an excellent craftsmanship from an ace artisan to plate such an exemplary piece of art. Weavers making a Pasapalli saree are a pro of the ancient weaving style called 'baandhakala'. No powerloom or weaving machine has ever been designed to replicate such unique creations. Each saree is woven manually and thus may take several weeks to be completed.

Beautiful Pasapalli Cotton Saree available online

The detailed process starts long before the weaving. The yarns of threads are tied in a particular pattern to dye so that only the designated parts can absorb the colour. If more than one colour is required, process gets even more complicated. Also, this weaving style lets the artisans create the signature Pasapalli motifs on both sides of the saree identically. The technique called 'baandhkala' is so ancient yet too versatile that multiple colours, patterns and designs can be created.

Apart from the chequered patterns, other commonly used motifs used in Pasapalli sarees are flowers, geometrical shapes, wheel, temples, birds and landscape. Every saree is a unique piece of art and impeccable example of superior craftsmanship. This saree has won accolades in India and abroad and thus Government of India has taken measures to save the industry of hand woven saree in Odisha and Pasapalli saree is undoubtedly one of them.

It has quite a huge market all over India. The cotton Pasapalli are best for any day event, be it a formal meeting with someone of prominence or a ritual of wedding. If you flip through pictures, you will find eminent female personalities whenever representing country or their dignified designation, they wear Pasapalli, Sambalpuri or similar handloom saree from Odisha. The silk Pasapalli saree looks really gorgeous and thus best suited for evening occasions. You can wear it for wedding or similar social invitations as well as formal parties of office. It becomes even more of an evident choice when you hold an important position.

Unfortunately handloom sarees, especially the exclusive ones, are not quite always available over online shops. So, seekers of this saree can visit several emporiums and state aided websites where it can be bought without worrying about the quality, authenticity and richness of colour. You can also be assured about the price you are paying. Even in the last decade, women looking for this saree outside Odisha had to wander in search of an emporium of Odisha, but today there are several online ones which help them buy Pasapalli saree from the most reliable source. 

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