Friday, February 26, 2016

Specialities of Indian Pattu Sarees and Online Demand of this Saree

Pattu are the silk sarees originating in southern states of India. So, pattu is Indian silk which shines in its full glory all over the world. Archaeological discoveries have unearthed several artefacts to prove that sericulture existed in ancient India as well. And Indian pattu sarees have existed since that time as well. The draping style has evolved over the eras, generations and years but the fabrics, especially the silk has existed and have been quite commonly used in India since time immemorial. Though it comes second in its production preceded only by China but it is still the largest consumer of this fabric. It is said to be sacred fabric thus worn on every auspicious occasion like religious festivals, weddings etc.

Indian pattu sarees are best recognised as bridal wear in south Indian states. The original pattu sarees are valued not only for their heavy work and great craftsmanship but also for their traditional significance. They are often heirlooms passed from a generation to another, and preserved as a prized possession. Over years fashion came and went, trends came and influenced the traditional designs but Indian pattu sarees still have successfully retained their serenity which embodies the age-old tradition.

Though these sarees originated in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh, but today it is favourite of women within as well as beyond the geographical boundaries of India. Most commonly known pattu saree is manufactured in Kanchipuram- the temple city and known as Kanchipuram or Kanjivaram pattu. They are not only the most popular one but also regarded as superior over other varieties. The stock motifs used in Kanchipuram silk sarees are temple, flowers, stripes, checks and mangoes. Kanchipuram pattu comes in all price ranges but purest form which maintains the ratio of silk and zari thread with intricate and delicate designs can cost up to some lakhs.

Traditional Indian Pata silk sarees available online

A new variety has been added to Indian pattu sarees and it is called Samudrika Pattu. This saree is woven in Kanchipuram silk. The name originates from the Vedic term Samudrika Lakshanam which are the features that a beautiful women is endowed with. Similarly, Samudrika pattu is Sarva Lakshana Pattu or is woven with all the main characteristics of pattu saree.

It is true that the demand for georgette or net sarees are high on demand. But the demand for traditional Indian pattu sarees are not dependent on market. There has been a perennial demand for these sarees. The fact that online stores have huge stock of these sarees testify that women of all age group like these sarees. While the designer modern sarees embody fashion, the silk sarees stand for our age old traditions, heritage and customs. These sites have section which enables visitors to place order from anywhere to be shipped anywhere and make payment in any currency. This clearly shows how popular and on demand these sarees are all over the world. No matter if you are in US, UK, any African country or Middle East countries, if you need Indian pattu sarees, you can always get them in merely one fortnight.

However, choice of site to buy them can be trickier than you thought. You can always consult feedback section or online reviews to know about the online shop your choice, but to place safest bait, you can go for government aided cooperative websites or sites of renowned stores like Pothys, Nalli, The Chennai Silk etc. This way you will not only get exclusive Indian pattu sarees but also can rest assured of the quality of the saree you bought. Price may seem to be higher than other sites, but it is the cost you will pay for the peace of mind about getting genuine product. 

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