Thursday, February 4, 2016

Present Fashion Trends of Men's Casual Wear Shirts

Though it is mostly women's fashion which is most talked about, but fashion for men is no less feat either. One look at the different fashion shows and weeks and you will understand what is meant. However, men's fashion is not restricted to ramps and different types of coats, jackets, blazers and t shirts only. You will be surprised to see the expanse of men's casual shirts. There are more varieties than you can imagine, but somehow it is much less discussed than it is ought to be. As a result, many men are still unaware of them. Let us see what are the most common and popular men's casual shirts.

After wearing the same button down formal shirts in same solid colour, stripes and chequered patterns for five days a week, the urban and young metro-sexual men long for clothes that are chic, fashionable, fresh, comfortable and stylish. You definitely don't need five different shirts to match each criteria because there is a huge array of men's casual shirts that are perfect for off week events. Be it picnic, party, friendly get-together at pubs et al. No more rolling up of sleeves or looking same every morning. These casual shirts give you ample of opportunity to flaunt your cool avatar.

Casual shirts for Men available online

Casual Full Shirts

Yes, they can come in same solid, chequered, or striped patterns, but the cut of these shirts give them the extra edge. These shirts are available in skinny, slim and regular fits. There are many of these shirts that come with twists. For example, a button down slim fit casual shirt is different in the pattern made on it. It can be printed, it can be different print in either sides and there can be nth number of permutations and combinations. The end result is the perfect look for a casual occasion. Pair it with jeans to nail “cool & in” look. No need for deliberate efforts to be macho or stylish. Rather your carefully careless approach will be more appealing to everyone out there.

Casual Half Shirts

Casual half shirts are quite popular. Sometimes they are called Bush shirts or Hawaiian shirts. These are one of the most popular type of men's casual shirts. You can find them in bold motifs like big flowers, orchids, fire flames, etc. But they are not always loudly screaming of their casual being. The subtle ones like solid coloured, checked, stripes, washed or muted prints are equally popular. You can wear them as per your requirement. When you are partying in beach or in bonfire with your closest pals, wearing sober checks and stripes would not be great idea. Funky patterns, or bold flowers in loud colours will add to the ambience of the occasion. Similarly, when you are chilling out with colleagues where there is nothing official about it yet calls for some decorum, regular fit half sleeved casual shirts in subdued prints and colours are just the right option.


Choice of fabric is very crucial in men's casual shirts. It is immensely important to know which fabric suits you, which fabric you can carry well and which one is apt for which occasion. Most popular material is undoubtedly cotton or mixed. And it is closely followed by denim and sheer. Surpassing the gender boundaries, even shimmering fabrics are getting popular these days.

To look your best, most important factor is the fitting. So before you buy men's casual shirts, be sure of the measurement. If you don't buy clothes frequently, it is best to know your size from the salesmen in stores, who are eager to help you. If you shop online, use a measuring tape or consult your last shirt that fits best. Appearance can make a lot of difference, so buy your shirts carefully. 

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