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List of Traditional Indian Garments and Their Online Availability

With Indians spread all over the world, the demand for Indian traditional garments has become quite high and its market has boomed like never before. It is quite strange that a country has so many diversities and it is reflected in its clothing style as well. Here is a comprehensive list of traditional garments of India but rest assured it can capture only the leading ones because you will run out of writing space and the list will be exhaustive if you dare include all the garments and their varied draping style.

Traditional Indian Garments for Women

  1. Saree- Western women often wondered how can a woman of five feet can drape a cloth piece which itself is at least 15 feet long. But that is the calibre of an Indian woman who can be in equal ease in a saree like any other western casual garments.
  2. Salwar Kameez- This is undoubtedly the most popular Indian garment in India and is worn among all age group. There is a great many variety in terms of style in its top and bottom part. Each of them are equally elegant and beautiful, nevertheless.
  3. Lehenga/Ghaghra-choli- The extravagant version of this traditional Indian garment is the wedding attire in northern India. It is noted for the extensive embroidery, sequins and mirror work. It is basically a blouse and long gypsy skirt with lots of flares and is worn with a beautiful dupatta. There are simple lehenga choli of cotton as well which the women in Rajasthan, Haryana and some parts of Gujarat wear.
  4. Mekhala Chadar- This is traditional outfit of Assam women. It resembles saree as a long piece of cloth is worn in the bottom part over a petticoat while another piece is tucked in the petticoat at the waist and draped around the upper part of the body leaving it on left shoulder.
  5. Phiran- This is a long tunic or kameez with long sleeves and is the traditional dress of Kashmiri women. These are woven in woollen fabric with embroidery in cuffs, neck, and the sides with contrasting coloured threads.
  6. Mundum Neriyatham- This is the most ancient remnant of the style in which saree was draped in old days. It comprises of two parts- mundu which covers lower half of the body and neriyathu the upper half. However, today kavani or the white saree with golden border represents Kerala.
  7. Pattu pavdai- This traditional Indian garment can be seen in south Indian states worn by little girls. It is a skirt with golden border which hangs from waist to toes.
Traditional Indian Sarees Online Shopping

Traditional Indian Garments for Men

  1. Dhoti- This is the outfit that represents India in the outside world. It is an unstitched six yard long cloth which is wrapped around the bottom half of the body and plates are tucked at the back taking it down between the legs. There are different ways to drape it according to the region and occasion.
  2. Lungi- It is a long piece of cloth sewn for convenience and is wrapped like a sarong. The most popular patterns found in lungi are checked, plain and striped. In Punjab, lungi is called tehmat and is made of silk. It is worn with turban, a headdress. They wear it with knee-length kurta and embroidered jacket.
  3. Sherwani- It is a long jacket hanging down to knees with buttons opened at front. It is worn over a long kurta and with a fitted trouser called churidar or flared trousers called salwar. It is the traditional dress for men in Pakistan as well.

Due to high demand for traditional Indian garments all over the world, they are widely available online. There are different commercial websites where you can find these outfits of latest fashion. Shipping is free over a designated amount. So, no matter where you are based, you can always buy Indian traditional garments online. 

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