Monday, January 11, 2016

Places to visit in USA during your First visit

USA is a dream destination for many Indian, we love to visit places whether in India or abroad.Indian love shopping, take taste of different foods all over world.

United States of America is truly another world which is totally opposite of our country, we have narrow roads, they have beautiful high speed Inter States.

We have dirty surrounding out side of our houses, they have clean and beautiful parks and shopping centers.

In Indian Officials think like they are king of all trade, but US authority work truly like govt servants and any govt job they do very fast and help people to get it done as soon as possible whether buying or selling cars, applying for W2, applying for SSN and many things.

Best part is you can find Indian grocery and vegetable more fresh in USA than India, we have store like Indian bazaar to sell products from pani puri to Indian Parle G biscuits.

As per our knowledge we should prepare our list of places to visit before purchasing tickets and applying visa.

Photo from Our teams New York Tour

Still here is list of places you should visit.

  • New York
  • Washington DC
  • Baltimore
  • Rehbooth Beach
  • Hersey Chocolate factory
  • Penn's Cave 

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