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Name of some elegant Indian Saris for occasional purpose use

Saree is undoubtedly one of the most elegant outfits of the world. Though, it is an ethnic wear of Indian subcontinent, but its popularity has transcended much beyond the geographical boundaries of these countries. Good news is that even young generation is keen on draping this five to nine yard long cloth piece because varieties available in this dressing style is timeless and women of every age group has something exclusive to wear. Though saree itself is an exclusive dress, but here are some of the elegant Indian saris for occasional use. 

Kanchipuram Silk

When we are discussing Indian sarees for special occasions, the ideal list would always start with Kanchipuram or Kanjivaram silk. These 500 years old form of sarees are woven manually with mulberry silk and known for their contrasting body colour and border with traditional motifs like temple, flower, stripes etc. It is wedding attire of the brides in south Indian states. Special zari with 57% silver and 0.6% gold and silk threads soaked in gold and silver liquid are used which make these elegant Indian sarees so expensive. 

Kantha Saree

Kantha is a type of stitch which is done on tussar or mulberry silk to create an exclusive piece of art. This stitch is not a very intricate one, rather simple running one which is used for making quilts. Rustic patterns like plants, trees, animals, fish or flowers are made and embroidered with contrasting threads. This embroidery is done with hands and no machines are used for stitches. It takes weeks and even months to complete one kantha saree. 

Being dress code of all women political leaders Sambalpuri sarees make a definite position in the list of elegant Indian sarees. Ever since, our former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi showed her fascination for these handloom sarees, they have made their position permanent in the wardrobes of all influential women. When women expect a long outdoor day with series of events to attend, Sambalpuri sarees are the best choice because they don't get creased. And they are available in both silk and cotton varieties. 

Beautiful Sambalpuri silk Saree of Odisha available online
Chanderi Sarees

When you want to nail a perfect sophisticated and smart look, Chanderi saree is the best option. With no bling, narrow border, sparse motifs in the body, these are exactly what you call elegant Indian sarees. Best part of Chanderi sarees is that you can get them exactly as you want. If you want a gorgeous one, you can buy Chanderi silk with wide and broad zari border with butis in contrast colours. If you want a simple one, go for soft cotton with thin border. In any case, you will steal the show with the vibrant colours. 

Bafta Sarees

A blend of cotton and silk threads, Bafta sarees from Madhya Pradesh fit the bill of elegant Indian sarees. Muted block print on naturally bright colour base gives the wearer a chic look. Sometimes a thin zari border is added to give that extra edge making this aptly formal saree a bling required for day party.  

Georgette Sarees

Years ago, women proudly flaunt their silk saree collections. But of late, georgette sarees have been reigning and enjoying the supremacy. These are just the right kind of party wear. But if you want an elegant one, go for embroidered one. Pastel shade saree with chikan embroidery is elegance embodied. If you want to know what truly elegant Indian sarees mean, you need to check out pale blue, pistachio green, off white or baby pink georgette sarees with original chikan work of Lucknow. Other embroidery work like Kashmiri stitch, Parsi stitch, Gujrati stitch or mirror work too give an elegant look to your georgette sarees. 

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