Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Women in Saree- Perfect Representation of Indian Beauty

This is an age old debate- whether it can be said that Indian women look best in saree or should we leave it on individual perspectives. Saree is our national attire and it is long forgotten story where it denoted Indian tradition. With introduction of so many wow factors in this nine yard long clothing, entire community of Indian beauty admits hands down that you can look gorgeous, ethereal, elegant and hot in saree, all depending on the fact that how you wear and carry it. Though there are no hard and fast rules to complete your look but to think of saree as a complete package can be a mistake. Read on to know how and why saree represents the Indian beauty perfectly.

First of all, saree has always been a magic clothing for the western beauties. The legendary Elizabeth Taylor was asked what wonders you, to which she had replied “Indian women. A woman of barely 1.6 meters drapes a cloth piece of 5.5 meters and yet to all their chores without any fuss”. But this is an old story. The latest version is that from Michelle Obama to Julia Roberts and Anna Kournikova to Elizabeth Hurley, every body is seen sporting a saree in some or the other photographs. Saree is popular now. India is a hot topic and everything related to India is hot. So, when Indian beauty is thought of, a picture of saree clad woman comes before their eyes.

Indian designers have gone global. Indian stars are invited in different international film festivals and red carpet occasions world wide. In these circumstances, questions come up whether to appreciate gorgeous Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in a pretty gown or Deepika Padukone who looked stunning in an elegant saree stood out in the crowd of gown clad women in Cannes. Both are surely best possible examples of Indian beauty. But experts say when you attend an event in a place like Cannes, it is better to showcase the best of India. Thus, a stylishly draped elegant saree with a designer blouse is the hit look. 

Indian Beauty in Saree

Also, Indian women have, genetically, curvaceous body in general. And saree is that outfit which can highlight your best features while hiding the hideous ones. If you are skinny, with the choice of fabric you can have a fuller body. If you are plump, you look slim in georgette or chiffon sarees.  Unlike any other dress style, saree has a plethora of options in terms of designs, fabric, motifs and what not. Blouses bring more dramatic effect to the look of an Indian beauty in a saree. A simple georgette saree with printed three quarter sleeved blouse is a household look while a gorgeous sequinned saree in net with a sleeveless blouse is perfect for a party. Spaghetti strapped, halter neck, turtle neck or backless blouses add another dimension to your look. Blouse is one accessory which can give a new look to your saree. Often the same blouse is used for a number of sarees but when you have exclusive designer blouses, even if you you can use them with the saree, it will give a new look. It is this versatility of sarees as a package which is so appreciated by Indian beauty and saree never loses its sheen.

Saree is something that a woman receives from mother, grandmother, great grandmother, or in-laws as a legacy. Sarees as well as the draping style is an integral part of a girl's upbringing to adulthood. Due to lack of practice there can be certain discomfort at the initial level but in no time she learns it. After we have seen our epitome of Indian beauty- the women at home, in this nine yard long piece of clothing draped around their slender bodies and toiling hard all day. 

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