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Types of Indian silk sarees available in Telengana which are best to use as a bridal wear

Telangana is an important state that has been formed only very recently with Hyderabad as it capital. The region is known for its cultural and historic importance. Telangana has contributed significantly to the cuisine, fashion and social practices of India. One of the most important spheres in which the contribution of this state is apparent is fashion. Telangana is known for the various forms of silk sarees that are produced in this region. Many of these silk sarees are also used as bridal sarees. These sarees are known for their signature style that is different from other forms of silk sarees produced in India.

One of the most important forms of silk sarees that is produced in the region of Telangana is the Pochampally saree. Also known as the Pochampally Ikat saree, it is a popular garment among women of different age groups and is also popular as a bridal saree. These sarees have their origin in the Bhoodan Pochampally region in the Nalgonda district of the state of Telangana. The sarees are particularly well known for its traditional geometric patterns that are formed in the Ikat dyeing style. Women love to wear these sarees for a wide range of special occasions as they make them feel beautiful and unique. The intricate geometric patterns that are made in Pochampally Ikat sarees need the experience and skillfulness of the master artisans who craft them from scratch. The weavers who make these sarees are also highly skilled and make the best use of the silk threads as they produce every single piece of saree.

Indian Silk Sarees use as bridal wear now online
Over the years, the Pochampally sarees have gained immensely popularity, so much so that many celebrities have worn them on various important occasions. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, the former Miss World as well as acclaimed Bollywood actress chose to wear a Pochampally saree for her wedding day. This made these sarees immensely popular as wedding attires, and women all over the country now love to wear them for the most important day of their lives. The Pochampally saree has also been long regarded as the traditional wear for India’s official air carrier. The air hostesses working with Air India wear Pochampally sarees that are specially designed for their profession. The exquisite quality of these sarees enables the air hostesses of India to make a strong impression as they serve the people of the country and the rest of the world.

Pochampally sarees have literally formed the fashion identity of the state of Telangana. The people of this region really feel proud for their contribution to the country’s fashion sense. Different types of Pochampally sarees are available in the market. While some of these sarees are made to be worn for various special occasions, there are those sarees that are specifically made as bridal wear. Women love to wear these sarees on the day of their engagements, marriages and reception parties. These sarees differ slightly from the standard versions of Pochampally sarees in terms of their designs and looks. When combined with the right kind of jewelry, a nice Pochampally saree can make a woman look really gorgeous.

Among all the types of Indian silk sarees that are available in the market, Pochampally sarees are probably some of the most widely worn forms of bridal sarees all over the country. Currently, there are numerous online stores that offer great stocks of beautiful Pochampally sarees. The sarees that are available in these online stores stand out for their pristine beauty and fine geometric artwork. So if a woman needs to find the best Pochampally saree, then the best place to do that is from an online saree store.   

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