Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Manabasha Gurubar Jhoti pride of Odisha.

As per odia calendar all we know Goddess laxmi is worshiped on the month of "Margasira". It is a great festivals of odisha. When the day starts every women starts cleaning the house with cow dung paste or red soil, as it believed that Goddess Laxmi never visit the house if the house is full of dirty and untidy. Later women's made beautiful alpana or "Chita" in front of house and in every corner. This Festival beauty is mostly seen in village of odisha. 

To welcome Goddess laxmi from the front gate to the puja room Goddess Laxmi Foot and lotus flower was art in alpana called "Jhoti".Some fresh harvested paddy also put in a bamboo canes on the puja room. Her favorite flower is Lotus.In every house you can see the lotus with Maa Laxmi feet which looks like some white flowers are decorated. On this special day every women loves to wear handloom cotton sarees with white and red color border and read the "Laxmi Purana" book with full devotions.Several Sweets dishes was prepared and served to Goddess laxmi. In odisha, it is beleived that "Maa Laxmi" is the hindu Goddess of wealth and prosperity.

"Happy Manabasha Gurubar"

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